BLM out for six games…

….broken leg, just heard it on the radio…

Considering he played last week with no visible problem, I am going to assume (and hope) this is less severe on the scale of broken fibulas. On the good news, Stamps have freed some cap room and can sign some NFL cuts (QB's or otherwise)
I do not know if we will win or lose on Friday but I can assure you they will be ready to play and give a competitive effort. They will be in it to the end.

When and how? Didn’t see anything during the game, at least didn’t notice anything.

I'm amazed by this. He didn't look hurt at all. Didn't even limp.

…he claims it was a low shot from Hughes in game one…but he doesn’t blame CH as the big guy did try to let up, just an unfortunate part of the game…

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With the broken leg plus his age might have ended any NFL interest.

Unrelated: surprised BLM hasn't been taken by the NFL for a year to see if he can produce.

Hate to see anyone get hurt.

As far his NFL aspirations, I can't see it happening any more as he's 31 now. I'm sure there's 3 or 4 CFL qb's that are better than some of the garbage backup QB's the NFL seem to regurgitate, but very few try to make that leap. There's no way Brock Osweiler would have any success in the CFL but he keeps getting signed in the NFL.

Bo Mitchell has never had a hope in hell of making the NFL - - not now, not when he came out of college, not ever.

He’s small, slowfooted and has a mediocre arm. Mitchell is struggling just to keep his head above water in the CFL. In the NFL? Come on.

I think it was the TSN panel, that showed and explained that his throws were mostly just from the arm instead of the whole body with his lead leg.
BLM is not an overly mobile QB, but even I saw a few times that he was moving around the pocket different than he normally would. I thought it was just being uncomfortable with pressure.