BLM off the 6-game


I wonder if he'll be playing Labour Day.

From what I've read this two week recovery would appear to be a minor miracle.

"For minor fibula fractures or breaks, it may only take about six weeks to make a full recovery. However, in most cases involving a broken fibula, it will take at least twice that amount of time, if not longer."

Because they call it broken, doesn't mean a complete fracture - broken into 2 separate pieces, probably was only a hairline fracture (and considering the time frame, probably only a small one at that).

Exactly right StampsRock… considering he played on this for 1 and a half games, its pretty clear this wasn’t all that serious, but that didn’t stop the nation from predicting his season was over

Since the fibula doesn't bear any weight you can play on it if it's healing is progressing, the fracture is protected and his pain is controlled.

…ack dude let it heal…BLM always too eager to get back in and play, he doesn’t like sitting out…this has shades of 2019 on it when he played hurt and didn’t tell the team how bad it was (against BC I think) and played like poop and only injured himself more…QB position is fine, next two games against an opponent in disarray right now, come back when you’re actually ready not just because it’s the LDC…

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