BLM has the same number of wins at IGF as Willy!!

Wow... just wow!!!

It gets better, Willy makes way more than Bo Levi .............Ridiculous !

That is the main issue with Willy, dude gets paid like a stud but plays like a dud...crazy stat though, I remember at one point the Cats had more wins at IGF than the Bombers did, that was pretty sad too.

Well right now the Stamps have 5 and the Bombers have 7!!!!

I hope the bombers release Willy and fire LaPo

Why Lapo ? Not like he has a lot of talent to work with and Willy keeps turning the ball over . The D is getting torched in the air. There is a whole lot of issue,s Lapo isn't one of them.

The Bombers are likely kicking themselves by not pursuing Harris, Reilly, Burris, Collaros (or even Glenn) more vigorously the past few years rather than settling with Willy.

the small sampling Willy showed with Saskatchewan was not nearly enough to warrant a stocking stuffed starter's role but unfortunately the Bombers had failed to secure any other decent pivot to replace the oft injured Buck Pierce.

now they have an oft injured Drew Willy who has been unremarkable in Winnipeg even when healthy.

The long suffering Bomber fans deserve much better.

Calling for 8 yard passes when you need 10 isn't on the play caller?
He's been a failure in both stints in Winnipeg. The bombers looked better on offense last year before willy's injury than this year, even though they have better players this year.

Keep in mind that Willy did miss most of 2015.

If healthy, he is a good QB.

Them rolling the dice and taking a chance on Willy was fine. His contract extension and more the massive unearned raise within it were silly. IMO Willy has been kind of ruined by the beating he has taken. He seems to have regressed.

They did and nobody wanted to come in to this mess. The guy they should pursue, is Drew Tate in Calgary. If they can get him out of Calgary is another story ?

I dunno about Tate. He is another oft injured. His nickname in Sask when he came in to the league was “papercut” and he had a few more injuries in Calgary. I think he’s realized he doesn’t have what it takes to take a starters beating out there and so decided to settle nicely into a backup role.