BLM fractures leg on pointless play


what’s so ridiculous is if TiCats coaching didn’t want to kneel right away is they could have put anyone else in to take the snap and then just take the safety in the endzone to run out the clock. also, fractured leg is longer than 6 game. what an absolute disaster BLM’s first season in Hamilton is.


Because when they lined up Bo’s feet were either on or nearly on the white stripe. If he was tackled with any part of him across that line it’s a safety touch. Its the one place the position of the ball is irrelevant in relation to scoring.

Article 3 – Safety Touch
A safety touch is scored when the ball becomes dead in the possession of a team
in its own Goal Area, or touches or crosses the Dead Line or a Sideline in Goal as
a result of the ball having been carried, kicked, fumbled or otherwise directed from
the Field of Play into the Goal Area by the team scored against, or as a direct result
of a kick from scrimmage having been blocked in the Field of Play or Goal Area.

yes but a safety is 2 points and they were ahead by four


Locksley has done short yardage - could have put him in. It sounds to me though that Bo made the decision to try the sneak. An unfortunate decision as it turns out.


Turns out to be a very expensive chance to give the team a crack at the Grey Cup

Best of luck - Bo

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I didn’t think that anything but the ball mattered for a safety and that just having a body part behind or on the goal line would matter. The definition you posted seems to support that. I’m confused.

Maybe you could clarify? I’m just curious. If you’re correct I wasn’t aware of that rule.

It’s the, A safety touch is scored when the ball becomes dead in the possession of a team
in its own Goal Area
Not that the ball has to be in goal for a safety touch, if any part of the player is in the end zone when they have possession, they are “in the end zone”

It’s the one place in the rules where possession of the ball counts rather than the position of the ball. Bo knew the rule and that’s why he ran the sneak rather than kneel down and why he did that weird move and got his butt down in the field of play very purposely on the play, so he was down outside the end zone.

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Was it unnecessary roughing the QB? All Knox had to do was touch Bo because his forward momentum had stopped?

I’m not saying you’re not right but I’m not getting that from that definition. I read it that the ball must be dead in a team’s goal area, not outside it, regardless of whether a hand or foot may be in the goal area.

It was clear Bo knew the rule and that’s why he changed the play to a sneak, so he would be tackled outside the end zone.