BLM and arrogance.

So…any Calgarians want to weigh in here?
From the outside BLM is incredibly arrogant. In his interviews he won’t even deign to look at the reporter. Just looks off the other way and speaks. I wonder why this has not been corrected. It’s like a snob who won’t even acknowledge their server in a restaurant

Do Calgarians think of him as just this side of insufferable too? He’s like a Niles Crane who reveled in being a total and committed snob. Is it embarrassing at any level?

And as a QB I think he is the best in the CFL. But he’s sure getting harder and harder to respect especially when you think of guys like VA or Fajardo.

Apparently, he didn't get a job in with the Vikings because he was too sure of his abilities and the team wasn't looking for someone to challenge Cousins for the #1 spot.

If he really is arrogant then I think that's fantastic and having him being an elite QB in this league is a good thing.

Like any good heel, if you're good enough make sure the world knows it. A good villian sells.... every good guy needs one.

Hah. I’m sure if he was that good other teams would be lining up to sign him. Good ol horse teeth.

Funny, I get the same impression when I watch him interviewed or read comments attributed to him. He certainly doesn’t come across as dripping with humility. For a player who’s enjoyed so much good fortune (through abundant skill and determination, to his credit), he sure does come across as whiny and petulant.

He gets my vote for the CFL’s “Most Dislikeable Player” award (and takes considerable arrogance to unseat Simoni Lawrence!).

…I wouldn’t say arrogant…by definition that’s having an inflated sense of one’s abilities or importance, and as arguably the best QB in the league his abilities and importance are top notch…

…the better word might be cocky…and, yes, he’s definitely that, in spades…

…I listened to an interview with him a couple years ago and this is apparently a part of his game persona…he thoroughly enjoys being the ‘heel’ to other fans, with a special affinity towards the rider fans, he truly loves bugging the green and white clan…he feels it brings an extra entertainment element to the game…in private, he’s very good friends with Reilly, Arcenaux and some other CFLers and I don’t think those well-liked players would tolerate him too well if he was a jerk…just my take, as a BLM fan…

Yeah. I don’t really see him as whiny. Just really disdainful…I mean it’s pretty basic to look at a person when talking to them. Not that hard.

That could just be social awkwardness. Not great at the whole personal contact thing.

I’m not saying he isn’t arrogant. More like … socially awkward and arrogant.

Yeah maybe.

I think I heard he married a Calgary woman and he has a family and loves Calgary. Do they love him back? Does he live there year round or back to Texas in off season?

At the Hamilton/Calgary Grey Cup match in Vancouver a few years back, Mrs MadJack and I were staying at the same hotel as the Stampeders. We got to meet BLM once, albeit briefly. I asked if I could take a picture of him with Mrs MadJack and he agreed without hesitation (might have been different had I asked for a picture of him with me; Mrs MadJack is considerably more attractive).

So based on that one short experience I wouldn’t call him arrogant.

…pfft, Glen Suitor, very pro-rider bias, anti-stamps, it shows in his work…

Yes, that’s what I was thinking too. Some people just aren’t fully at ease with other people. And I’m most assuredly not a Bo Levi Mitchell fan.


He sure wasn’t anti Stamps tonight.

Matty was pumping CALs tires with determination. He loves BLM.

A-types love fellow A-types.

Anyone else hear him take a chunk out of Trevor Harris.?

…lol, possibly…

Nate Diaz, UFC. Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Boxing. Steph Curry, NBA. Alabama Crimson Tide, NCAAF. Every sport needs that person/team that is so good you can’t help but hate them. It makes things interesting. And on weeks when your team is on a bye it gives you someone to root against. Good villains most assuredly sell. Good call Mightygoose!!!

I’m finding that my memory banks have not stored all of the files relating to previous star QBs.

I’m pretty sure no one would have accused Ray or Calvillo or McManus of being arrogant. And I’m pretty sure no one would deny it about Henry (“I turned around 4 teams”) Burris.

It’s almost impossible to imagine Dickenson being anything other than arrogant, unless his personality has done a complete 180 since becoming a coach.

Going back further, I don’t recall whether Flutie had that tendency - and he had more to brag about than most. I always thought his love of the game surpassed his love of himself (opposite of BLM).

I think of Damon Allen as a Rodney Dangerfield type (“Why don’t I get my due?”). Part of that was a result of an unparalleled string of regular-season mediocrity - perhaps rivaling even Kevin Glenn - which was somehow punctuated by four Grey Cup rings.

Dunigan never lacked in confidence. I’m not sure that I ever heard Tracy Ham speak. Tom Clements was always classy, I think.

Can’t recall with Moon.

BLM is an arrogant pos, just like his head coach. Having said that, he is phenomenally talented, and has won a ton in this league, so really, he’s got the chops to back up the heel persona. I’m not one of those people who think all players should spout the same clichés in the same monotone voice, the way hockey players have been trained to do by the media. Let them be people. I detest BLM and Dickenson, but that’s part of being a fan.

NHL player: “well, you know, our backs were to the wall, you know, and so, you know, we had to play our hearts out, you know, it was tough, you know, but there’s no quit in this team, you know”

I’d love, just once, to have the interviewer say “no I DON’T know, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you the question.”