Blink 5th in rushing last year

Just noticed that Blink was 5th in rushing last year in spite of all the up heaval in his life, being traded and working in a two back system. He also got nine TD's which was good for 3rd. Logan didn't get any. What's happening to the poor guy now? I hate to second guess Wally but he needs a rusher who can get it in the end zone and why did he give up Blink for nothing? Is his pay too high? Bad attitude? Who needs him right now? Seem to be a lot of great runners around right now.

....Charlie tore up his leg in one of the last games of the year for the leos......mcl, I believe...a tough one to come back from.....I don't know what his status is right now...I doubt whether he'll return to pro-ball... :roll:

Hasn't Toronto always wanted him? they have questions at RB right now, I bet they would take a chance on him.

I had to look up his stats because I couldn't believe it. No TDs. Wow... As for Roberts, he's already 30, and if is injury is as bad as pap says, I'd rather he think of his health.

torn ligaments would explain it. Poor guy, I hope he's okay; he's a real class-act.

It's his achilles tendon that he ruptured, at his age and lack of work ethic he has shown in past off seasons,he's done. If the injury happened to a young player, who works hard in the off season, there is still a good chance that it would end that players career. Especially a running back. Most knee injuries pale in comparison to a ruptured achilles.

I think you're right kasps..............I believe we've seen the last of Sir Charles running the ball in the CFL.

A shame, but who knows, maybe he’ll go into broadcasting.

It sure is a shame since he's been a star player in this league for a while.

I think Wally is really high on Rolly Lumbala. Him and Logan should make a great tandem. He's a big, young, strong non-import. Surely he's going to be looked to punch in the ball in short yardage.

All the best to him for sure, enjoyed watching him except when he was running well agains't the Cats. But has he announced an official retirement? I can't recall.

which is unfortunate.

An achilles injury isn't the bear it once was, but it is still one of the most serious injuries. But once upon a time, it was career ending. Not necessarily anymore. Now we wait....

Yeah, but he is on the wrong end of 30 now. Most backs seem to run outta gas around that age, or soon after.