Blindside Tackle?

We often talk about the LT as being so important as the blindside protector of the right handed QB.

But isn’t he only the blindside guy when the QB only throws to his right side. ?

If he is throwing to his left side then the RT is blindside guy. No?

Am I missing something here?

It’s related to the typical dropback of a QB. During the dropback, he is normally turned slightly toward his throwing side, so is less likely to see a defender coming from the other side.

At least that’s how I understand it.

I guess it makes a difference if a QB is right or left handed?

A right handed QB is always going to have his back to the left side of side of the field, regardless of where he’s throwing the ball. If he’s throwing left, he may be angled slightly, so he’d have some shot of seeing the rush from the left side in his peripherals, but it’s still considered the “blind side”. Opposite applies for a lefty QB.

Example: He’s throwing to the left side, but his back is still towards the left sideline. If number 97 on defense had been coming around the end instead of inside, he’d be hitting the QB’s blindside.

Correct. A left handed QB’s blindside would be to his right.

Yes I was obviously talking about a RH QB.

This pic is the answer though. Very illustrative and the peripheral vision the QB has is more limited for sure.
Thanks letsgoticats.