Blindside pass rush pickup by running back

Hi: Listen up gang. This is why Tyler Ebell has been acquired. No matter how many stunts or looks the RR were doing in the last game, time and time again the running back was looking straight ahead up the butts of the O-lineman and NOT watching the blindside rush.
All the blather about the O-line not doing its job is overkill. Coordinating the effort of pass protect falls to all.
Give Pierce time and he'll hook up with Simon, Jackson, Grice-Mullen, etc.
Hey this Ebell can scoot too.

And don't forget the best Canadian running back is lying in the Lions' practice roster weeds.
That would be #33- Andrew Harris.
A few more things go wrong, a few more wheels come off and we could see this dazzler suit up!

But thats why they got Rob Murphy in the first place a few years protect the QB's "Blind side".

I hope Ebel can stay in there and block as well. (Although Lyle Green's been doing that for a while.) All and all we need a better effort tonight!

I agree, I don't see why Wally doesn't move Green back to the FB spot so he can block. Lumbala sure didn't do a good job blocking last week.