Blind Zebras !!

The refereeing in the CFL is brutal!!..Either get better people or bring in the video replay because I'm so sick and tired of watching the inept officiating deciding games!!
It makes the CFL game look bad when the officals blow important calls at crucial times,this just makes our great game look bush!!

To what are you referring to??

I think he's referring to the refs. lol

Now what call??? Who cares! We all have to live with
calls going for and against out teams.

Please lay off the refs,they make alot of calls that are damm straight with out the aid of replay, they huddle and usually come up with the correct call{as seen on thursday night]…Ya sometimes they get it wrong…But its not a full time job for most of them…Just trying to make a little money and give back to the game…

Well, I don’t mind a bad call unless it completely ruins the game like Calgary at BC last year with that onside kick robbery, or Sask at BC last year when they called facemask to give BC a fresh set of downs for Wynn on the last drive when he was clearly tackled by the shoulder pad. Cost us our home playoff game. However the refs have been decent this year in my opinion, no really game-altering calls from what I’ve seen.

The refereeing is bad I admit. It has been for years. Instant replay would help, but I don't like the way it slows the game down. Is the reason for the bad calls that the officials aren't in the right place? Would it help if there were a couple more zebras on the field so that there are more eyes watching the play. I don't have an answer but I do know that I don't like much the instant replay.

They generally get it right more often then not. But I think its time some of the older guys looked at calling it a day. Its gotta be tough for them to keep up week in and week out in brutally humid weather, like the guy who had to leave the field to relieve himself, what do you think his mind was on before that.

We have the benifit of T.V. replay…and most of the time they are right…but they have made so bone head calls…which can happen in ALL sports.

ALL a team has to do is score more points and the REFS do not become an issue.

I agree with you hellothere
How many time do we curse out the refs after we have seen the replay 6 times from 2 angles and in slow motion

I think the poster is a Rider fan. The refs were responsible for the 9 losses they suffered last year. :stuck_out_tongue:

As I've said in other posts. It all evens out.

Last year Calgary beat BC on a TD call by a guy 60 yards away who rulled a TD when the official 5 feet away didn't. Then BC beat Calgary on the contraversial on-side call last year. IT ALL EVENS OUT!

Hello there has the right idea. Score enough points so it doesn't become an issue.


I was soooo p!$$ at that game…that i think im the first person to say !@#$! after the referee said --touchdown–…

omg…ARGHHHHHH!!! thinking about it just makes me soooo mad…and it was on cowtown too!!! AAAAARGHHHHHHHH!!! …

and some calgary fans have the nerve to tell us that we cheated them last year at BC :roll: …WELL EXCUUUUUUUUUUUSE MEEEEEEEEE!!!.. :roll:
Who F-ing CHEATED WHO FIRST??? THE NERVE!!!.. :evil: :evil: :evil:

So I guess you havent gotten over it yet

.......that is ridiculous ree, you need help.........

You can't really blame the refs much. You want to try going into a game and make all those calls? I do think they should bring in instant replay. We've already got cameras broadcasting the game. Just make the footage available to referees.

Funny thing is there are people who dont want Instant replay because they say it slows down the game.

I guess they would rather squack over a call for a year than wait 2 minutes for a call

considering that there are those 2 minute breaks for commercials i think the replays could replace it. during a replay you show an ad in the corner.

ro1313: It's more fun complaining about something that won't change that it is to have it corrected. I just shake my head...... :roll:

OK . . . . I know this is what I tell my students all the time so here it goes: Two wrongs don't make a right. Nuff said about the BC vs. Calgary games last year. Both situations the calls were WRONG. That is bad for the game. Period. It is bad enough for your team to lose a key game against a rival . . . it is worse when your team loses because someone missed a key call.

We know that the great games turn on key plays. And I have been a fan long enough to know that it frustrating to see a game turn on a missed or bad call. For or against my team, that tarnishes the battle. I realize the job is tough, but we can't make excuses. As fans we really do need to continue to voice our displeasure and see about getting the thing fixed. Be that more zebras, be that instant reply, be that full time officals I don't know. We need it fixed though so that classic games are classic because of the plays on the field.

I think Ree is a little over excited. Easy does it!

If we had instant replay that got things right, Who would the Riders blame those 9 losses last year on?