Blew Team @ Hamilton 2023 Labour Day Classic PBP Thread

It will take a monumental effort to beat the League Juggernaut today.

Hamilton will have to play flawless football in all 4 phases - Offence, Defence, STs, and Coaching if they have a hope to win. They also cannot shoot themselves in the foot (bad penalties, turnovers, and the like) against a tean that will punish those mistakes.

It’s going to be a very hot day with the added Humidex, so stay hydrated - and that does NOT mean dropping an electrolyte tablet into your beer… lol

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Big game let’s go Cats!! Looking for a big game from Powell and a stout Defence to keep Kelly and company at bay

remember folks, early hydration - and often.

Started hydrating at 12:01.

Oskee Wee Wee!

Win the time of possession

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test post to see if the forums are actually working

Gonna be a hot one in the east stands.

Pre-game is on.

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Still don’t like our alt unis.

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Agreed. Post must be at least 10 characters.

Argos fan checking in here. Hope its a good game for everyone! Happy Labour Day everyone!

P.S feed butler he’s on my fantasy team lol


I think there will be some heat stroke incidents unfortunately - it’s about as hot at a game as I can ever recall.

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Robertson gets suspended for a game. Good call. Still should have been ejected last night.


Nice views of the B-25 Mitchell and the Lancaster on a perfectly clear day.
Mush have sounded awe-inspiring.


looking forward to a hard fought win today

Cats won the toss and deferred for those waiting for TSN to tell them.

And very windy.

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Been a while since I saw Vera up here in Ottawa. (And yes, I know she’s changed her call letters, but I think she’ll always be V(e)RA to me.) Not sure if you guys in Hamilton realize how lucky you are to have her there.


its not whether we are going to win or lose. Its how much we are going to lose by.

That was too easy.

Thurman moved out in coverage, leaving the middle empty for Kelly’s run.

Well I suppose holding them to a FG is a bit of a ‘win’.

Good coverage by Adeleke on 2d down.

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