Blessing in disguise?

If we lose this game perhaps Berry will be fired? Even VanStone might finally see the light after 2 yrs of people on this site calling for him to go!

Very frustrating but this team still has a ton of talent and experience getting to the GC. You don't lose that in 1 year. They seem to have lost that play for 60 minutes attitude. This is coaching and watching Berry on the sidelines, I DON'T see him motivating ANYONE. These guys won't play for him. Marshall will be in trouble soon for lack of adjustments and Ritchie Halls D is nothing like it use to be.

I don't really follow the Riders as much as the Ticats, but how do you lose key players for the last 3 seasons and still get to the GC, or even playoffs?

Unfortunately this had to be expected, no?

Just off the top of my head the big names gone are Chick, Baggs, Fantuz, etc. That's a lot of talent poached from the team...

The amazing thing is that there are three 1-6 teams. I have a feeling the Riders still make the playoffs, just lucky there is not a lot of parity this year.

in order to make the playoffs, we have to beat B.C. and Toronto.

We're gonna lose to Toronto next week. and B.C. will lose to Edmonton, so that puts Toronto into the cross-over position.

You can't seriously think that with the amount of issues we have as a team, both in coaching and players that we have a shot at making the playoffs?

hell we should care less about the playoffs.

We need to lose so that they have no choice but to clean house! from Hopson down to the last Assistant Coach.

I agree, they have lost a lot of talent, and it is nipping them in the butt. The Esks are w/o Stamps, and look what that did.

As for making playoffs, I believe that will depend on who gets healthy and who the can pick up from cuts. The bonus is they are still technically tied for

I don't even want to think about limping into the playoffs at 4-14. Then get S#%TCanned by the Stamps or Esks in the west semi. When we pulled closer to the Stamps at the end, i said this will save Berrie his job. Looks like that is the case, very sad!

The only guy who has to go is Taman. He is the root. All else are just symptoms. Cut away the root, the symptoms go away.

Agreed...but...the sad thing is we would have to lose for about 5 to ten years before someone wakes up and actually cleans house.

A blowout by the Argos may bring the changes needed to move this team forward,and actually help our playoff chances.

I know it sounds whacked, but I feel the Riders are a coach or 2 from turning the season around

ya look at how long it took the Riders to get rid of Al Ford?

I agree. This team has been to 3 of the last 4 GCs. Sure we have lost key people but a lot of those players remain from the winning seasons. It's coaching and the GM that is quicker, easier and less disruptive to the team. Replacing all our veterans with Rookies and keeping certain people on this coaching staff will be a disaster that will take years to recover from.