Blessing in disguise

Lions finishing 4th in the West and crossing over to play the Tabbies is a blessing disguise! Hamilton is a much easier opponent than Calgary, and if we win that game we will be in the East FInals in Montreal. The Lions have dominated the Alouettes and I think they matchup very well against them. The Lions have Montreal's number, winning the 2000 and 2006 Grey Cup against them as underdogs, as well as beating them a decade straight at home and playing very well in MTL.

First thing's first, beat Hamilton. I don't care if we get a QB off the street, its a winnable game. Then we'll worry about beating MTL and going to the GC.

All I can say is thank you Hamilton for winning, and I'd much rather be in our position than Edmonton's going into Calgary.

So apparently you didn't see the two games the Lions played against the Tiger-Cats earlier in the season...? :lol:

he must have been away...

Lions have their hands full sorry..

Tiger -kitty beats Lion -kitty.

I'm not concerned about the 2 losses to Hamilton earlier this season. Both were close games and could have gone either way.

You'd be crazy to say Hamilton isn't an easier opponent than Calgary.

If the Lions can figure out how to stop Cobb and can sign a QB from one of the BC highschools to start then I think we'll win.

Cat fight!


I'm not lion to ya, the tabbies are gonna maul 'em.

and eat 'em raw?

I think they are both equal in talent. Maybe Cats a little better than Calgary. And here is why.

First game Cats beat Calgary, The rematch The Cats only lost by 1 point, final being 15 - 14. And we had a inconsistent QB in for that whole game (Porter), Aswell didn't the cats defense hold Henry Burris to only 15 points in the first game aswell as the second? Sorry I can't remember the scores (early morning) but they were something like that . And how was the second game between B.C and Hamilton close? Didn't Hamilton win like 30 something to 17? The first meeting yes was close. But not the second. if I understand your logic correctly, losing twice to the Ti-Cats this season means nothing but because they beat Montreal in BC as a result of a blown call as well as losing a game because they couldn't stop the Als from marching it down the field in the last minute qualifies as a "dominating" performance. :roll:

....hahaha, you used the word 'logic' in replying to a RLR post, hahaha

Are you not the same guy who said the Lions were going to have a home play off game? so far your predictions have not been too bang on..
Go Cats...

As a Bomber fan I have a one word response to this: "Dinwiddie."

The 07 Cup was an eminently winnable game (Joseph laid an egg for Sask) and even with Dinwiddie we came within 4 points. If we had our starter, the Cup was ours.

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Funniest stand-up comic number evaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!

Its hard to win three in a row. Even though we “Backed” into the playoffs, I sort of agree with RoarLionsRoar’s thinking.

I prefer Hamilton over Calgary


It's not that hard... hasn't Calgary won something like 7 straight against the Lions? :lol: Go Cats!

does not matter who or where the Lions play they are not going anywhere without a decent QB, its over boys, Riders and Als in the big game

I honestly think the Lions would have their hands full with either team right now... All I can say is I wouldnt want to be going to Hamilton this week... They will be pumped up.

If Printers thumb is healed enough for him to play, we may have a chance. Without Angus Reid our oline is so porous that pocket passer like Buck Pierce just gets killed.

We'll see what happens. Of course I want us to win, but honestly I don't think we really deserve to go farther than the semi after this ridiculously bad season.

I think we will get by Hamilton, Montreal will be a tougher test but BC always plays good against them. I think the real test will be in the Grey Cup against Calgary, with them at home and not being able to beat them in a couple years now.

I wouldn’t be so quick to discount Hamilton. Momentum is on the Ti-Cats side. Getting Printers AND Lulay back (which seems to be in the cards) would be a huge morale boost for the Lions, but the edge still goes to Hamilton.

I do have to agree that BC always plays well against Montreal. This year, both BC vs Mon games could have gone either way - which may not be dominance, but it is a helluva lot better than any other team has done.

The season series point total vs Montreal for all playoff-bound teams is below. You’ll notice, the Lions are the only team to outscore Montreal overall. If I’m Montreal, I’d be cheering for the Ti-Cats this weekend.

BC 43 vs Mon 40 (2 games, 1 win)
Cal 47 vs Mon 72 (2 games, 0 wins)
Sask 35 vs Mon 77 (2 games, 0 wins)
Edm 49 vs Mon 69 (2 games, 1 win)
Ham 54 vs Mon 104 (3 games, 0 wins)