Blessing in Disguise for Bombers losing to Argos

It's crystal clear at this point in the season that Lapolice is the issue with the team. The Bombers have no shot at coming back with 4 yard passes all game long.
This is nothing short of absolutely brutal to ALLOW Toronto who is playing a 3rd rate SEMI PRO QB like Jyles to come in and build a 24-3 lead on you.

We got rid of Buck Pierce for this exact season, BRINK is the future and the #1 in Peg, perhaps Joey Eilliot can compete with him but both PIERCE and LAPOLICE should be released after this season.

Way to go Bombers, piss away the whole season vs a putrid Argos team at HOME in a must win game,, Dont think this loss would matter as I doubt the Bombers would win at Calgary next week even if CGY has nothing to play for. Lapolice is too hyper and his lack of composure is the reason the Bombers are losing key games to Toronto twice now and vs Edmonton and vs Montreal where they needed a yard-- If a better coach was there, the bombers would have already wrapped this division up a long time ago--

I hope they release LaPolice, the Rider's should never have let him leave.

1st and goal from the 3, key drive to start the half, GARRETT is running wild and LAPOLICE calls 2 pass plays? If you give it to Garrett he would have scored and you win the game in the O LINE-- Unbelievable how Lapolice outhinks the game and does not simplify it.

After being tortured for 20 years with bad teams, mediocre teams and Grey Cup losers, the fans have every right to burn this stadium to the ground.

The Suicide Bombers don't deserve another home game after last night. Get out of town and don't come back until you bring us a Grey Cup, you pathetic losers!

...We still have a home=playoff no matter how you want to slice it....The prize is still within reach :wink:

From the knowledge of your posts, im guessing your a Rider or ticat fan, bottom line is we have a home playoff game, and nobody can take that from us.

They can if Winnipeg Stadium is demolished, condemned or vandalized to the point that a game can't be played on it, i.e turf set on fire with gasoline (God forbid;)

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I defended LaPolice before but this made me so upset last night. Garrett averaged 8 yards a carry last night.. 2 passes from the 3 yard line is just downright stupid. just like the 3rd and 1 from the 5 on the first drive of the game. LaPolice did everything he could to hand Toronto the game. The Bombers were, by far, the better team.

....We certainly try to give the Argos all of the ammunition they need to defeat us...Lapo being the main server...Early're on the five and you kick a field goal :lol: ...Mickey mouse...even if you don't get the six they're buried on the five....I'm not liking Lapo and his special teams disaster man...I;m so po'd right now i wish Mack would review Pauls status with this team....Get a co-ordinator who knows what the hell he's doing, cuz this ain't getting it done... AND fire that bloody special teams coach...He's pitiful...I would'nt be surprised if he wasn;t the guy who wanted to keep Tim 'long-gone' Brown around ..leaving us without a chance to get a real returner :thdn: Looks like next year country already with the news Buck won't play the last game...He could be toast for the season and IF that's the case...Pierces tenure with the Bombers might be in jeopardy...Brink will go against the stamps and he might have to finish off the year...How will he fare????....Alex looked good and was starting to move ahead to a possible starting role...We'll see...This whole team has been let down AGAIN, with the comment today by Lapolice ,that it was Brink who blew the play call, when we were on the goal line and he threw deep into the endzone...Lapo says he called a run by Garrett???? :roll: Is Lapo covering his arse and throwing Brink under the bus....cuz if that's the case....Lapolice could be on a slippery slope :thdn:

Will be interesting to hear the explanation on this one. This your starting QB (assuming Buck is done) that you just threw under the bus Lapo. No wonder I don't him.

well said papa.. and man.. if Brink really did audible, LaPo should've called a run the second time again and said don't change it this time. it wasn't the only stupid thing LaPo did in that game. if he's trying to cover his butt he's got a lot more covering to do yet. I like how Brink played. if Pierce is done for the year it wouldn't surprise me to see him not be back next year if Brink plays well. he looks capable of starting.

I've now left the Lapo band wagon as well. Last night was incredibly frustrating. Paul needs to let Barressi call the plays. Paul just isn't able to call the plays and manage the bench at the same time. He's got too much on his plate and is outsmarting himself...

Lapo has been both good and bad. Both Mack and Lapo had a tall order revamping this team after Kelly's one year and it showed last year as the team took a step back record wise but showed some promise. If you were to say prior to the season that the bombers finish 11-7 or 10-8 and could finish 1st in the division, a lot of us would've been happy with that and no one would've been calling for LaPo's head. But after such a strong first half of the season, how things have unfolded over the second half of the season makes it easy to be frustrated. My complaints with Lapo are mainly what they have been since last season. Playcalling on occasion leaves me baffled, like running the exact play on the goal line vs Mtl after they stuffed it the play before, or running the ball up the middle with 5 seconds left in the 2nd half vs the argos last game. There's no way you can run a second play if you run the ball with 5 seconds left. Sure a pass might've run off the 5 seconds also but it gave them the best shot of getting 2 plays in during that time, or at least take a shot at the endzone and hope for a PI call. Unless they are kneeling to run out the clock, he has struggled in managing the clock and calling plays at the ends of halfs/games when the score is close dating back to last season. They've called out Willis on his lack of ability in run situations, yet the 2 games they've limited him to only some passing situations they've given up an average of over 7 ypc to Whitaker and over 6 ypc to Boyd when their season average is a little over 5 ypc. Maybe Willis is hurt and its just a cover, but he's saying he's fine on his twitter and doesn't sound like he's too happy about not playing more. Now he calls out Brink. We had a lot of youth on the coaching staff and on the field last season. The players have shown some growth this season, Lapo at times not so much.