Blast the Globe & Mail, please!

A pair of pathetic articles by the Globe & Mail suggests we should give them an earful. Misinformed opinions and amateur reporting:

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Canoe, on the other hand, knows how to publish a great football story!

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Seems the Globe and Mail reporter and the Canoe reporter were on different pages.
The Globe and Mail article says there are no young players to look up to on Labour Day, just a 40 year old QB in Mtl?
Yet no mention of Chris Williams setting a CFL record with 6 punt returns for TDs and only half way through the season.

Yes, TV ratings are well down but that's normal in the summer and this year with good weather etc more people doing other things and a lot of other sports on TV.

Dowbiggan is an idiot and the worst columnist in the G&M. His columns are routinely bad no matter what subject is on.

This one happens to be worse then usual, but the comments have already blasted him.

Besides, he says ratings are down while his own numbers say they're up.

Great coverage in The Sun

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oh I gave it to him on Twitter!

What's your issue with the second article? It's a typical recounting of what you'd see for any sport. Williams houses one...sets a record...missed one earlier in the year because he was showboating. How sensitive do you have to be to get offended by that?

As for the first article, the writer makes several valid points that have been echoed by many on these forums.

But how do you build brand awareness with fans of the league when one of the signature players in the CFL can be cast aside like a practice squad player?

Toronto put a lot of hype into making Boyd one of the faces of the franchise, so the fan backlash that came from releasing him was self inflicted. Add in the feeble explanations for cutting him, and it's even more of a mockery.

The league has always been transient, but when we look at this season’s CFL, can we identify a future Hall of Famer under 30?

Most exciting player in the league right now? Hands down, Chris Williams. Now ask yourself how many more years he's going to be in the CFL before he heads off to the NFL.

If you’re buying a CFL jersey in Toronto, Winnipeg or Edmonton, what name would you put on the back? And how long till that jersey was out-of-date?

Instead of player jerseys, maybe fans in Toronto and Winnipeg should get "Barker" or "Mack" jerseys. Oh wait, those two characters will be gone soon too.

this is the way the CFL is man.

there’s nothing we can do about it.

so why does he have to rub it in, the same way it has been done before time and time again?

what’s he proving? only that he’s another one of these Anti-CFL writers who is trying to make himself look good to the Anti-CFL newspapers.

But this is nothing new. Players, even star players, have always moved around. Doug Flutie played for three teams, Tracy Ham four, Danny McManus five, Matt Dunigan six and Damon Allen seven. Big-name players have always moved around, and those QBs I just mentioned are all either in the Hall of Fame or will be this year. Could you imagine a team trading Tom Brady four years ago? That happens in the CFL. Think about it, is there really one team you associate Flutie or Dunigan with? Sure, there are guys like Rob Hitchcock and Allen Pitts and Don Narcisse and Milt Stegall and Anthony Calvillo who stick with one team for a very long time, but the CFL has always had a bit of a transient quality to it where a big-name guy will go from one team to another. It's not really a new development.

Where is Peyton Manning this year? How many teams did Brett Favre play for? Did Ladainian Tomlinson finish his career in San Diego?

Same old garbage from the Globe, pretending that the reality of a cap world that affects every sport is somehow proof of the CFL's inferiority. :thdn: :thdn:

And Dowbiggen stated that one of the biggest sports stories of 2011 was the "plumetting CFL TV ratings"
Yes they may have had a big drop, but was it the 3rd biggest story of 2011?

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My issue with the second article is that the Argos actually won the game, contrary to the headline.

Yes, punting Boyd was stupid...Hard to say if Williams will catch on in the NFL, but Thygpen did...Good question, I would probably pick Clemons, Brown, and Moon. Certainly there's churn in the CFL, but is it really any different that any other league? Show me the stats...

What they should be writing is that the worst CFL game beats the best MLB game hands down, for me anyways.

No mention of Chris Williams? Shows how much he watches the games.

Dowbiggin isn't really bright. Nothing new to see. This guy can't be bothered with facts. Seeing as this is the Globe and Mail, I don't expect much when it comes to the CFL, but Dowbiggin is on another level.

Agree Geroy, Dowbiggan, the few times I've read his stuff in the past and heard him speak, isn't exactly someone who I would say is all that gifted at what he does for a living, whatever he does. :wink:

Then how did he get a gig with the Globe & Mail? Our 'national newspaper' is staffed by hacks!

Since when has the Toronto Globe and Mail been "our national newspapers"????
you are obviously from Toronto!!

The G&M’s slogan is “Canada’s National Newspaper.” So it’s not unreasonable to expect them to live up to it.

I guess anyone can use a slogan as they wish. Love the word "Centre" for example. You'll see a sign on house bought up by someone running a business out of it like "Eye Health Centre" making it sound like its some sort of main centre in a city, region whatever for such and such when it's one professional, an assistant and a admin assistant.

Dowbiggin is from Calgary I believe.

I guess the real question here is who picks up a Globe to read the sports section? Just as nobody in their right mind would be looking for business commentary in The Sun, why waste your time reading the Globe & Mail sports? It's like watching community TV and then complaining the content is weak and poorly thought out. What else did you expect?