Blast From the Past 2008

Here is the broadcast of a Ticat win from 2008.
Quinton Porter is the starter and Printers is out with injury at this point.
This was Marcel Bellefeuille's 5th game as coach and first win after replacing Taaffe after Labour Day.
Even though we would not win another game that year ( 3-15) it is arguably the beginning of what would be the turn around to respectability after a horrific 4 year run from 2005-2008.


I will say this...

I'm so glad those terrible uniforms from that era are gone. They looked like black and yellow road warning signs...

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Prechae Rodriguez’ coming out party.

That was a great game. Porter outgunned Calvillo and it looked like we had an interesting prospect at QB moving forward.

Sadly that might have been Porter's best game as a Cat.

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I always thought that they looked like pajamas that you would put on a toddler . Hideous and horrible to say the least .

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