Blame the fans!

I am so sick and tired of listening to all the people in Hamilton blabber on about what is best for this football team. Traditionally the Ticats have been an organization that listens to the fans and I think that is a huge reason why we have had little success of late.

Just look at last year. We started the season with some close losses and the fans took in out on Paopao - he got fired. After going 0-4 Marshall got the ax as the fans cried for Lancaster to come back and coach. Lancaster completely loses the team all together and the fans cry for re-building. We demand a new GM and coaching staff, specifically we call for Mr. Desjardins and Charlie Taffe. Bob Young hires those guys and now after starting 0-5 we start saying they don't know how to do their job!

Please people, we are all frustrated but we need to trust the people who are in charge right now. They ARE doing a GREAT job so far. You can not deny that the team has looked better each week and much of the credit needs to go to the coaching staff for not giving up on these young players.

Winnipeg had no business winning last night just as BC did not deserve to win last week. The Cats are close to becoming a contender so this is a plea to the fans to not run our coaching staff out of town!

The fans have been filling IWS, for the most part, how can you blame them?

Well…we must be all out of Cats to blame by now…gotta keep it fresh, how about next we blame the Cheerleaders…their spirit just isn’t enough…For Christ’s Sakes!

I did notice the Als cheerleaders were better than ours. Hmmmmmm.

I love how the fans come to the games despite our losing ways. The fans are this team’s greatest asset however my point is that we need to let the Ticats management (ie. not the fans) make the decisions when it comes to football. I worry that some valuable members of this squad could get run out of town by the fans if we keep breathing down their necks.

Save Tiffany

If anything, the fans need to do for the Ticats what Winnipeg's fans did for their team last night. Get loud, cause procedure penalties, force the other team to go to a silent count. Be the 13th man.

(Hodgy) .For Christ's Sakes!
Leave HIM out of this. HE has nothing to do with our fortune or misfortune.

Not what I learned from watching a few US College games.


I blame society.

Any by the way, JC is a TiCats fan. He told me so.

If anyone's been paying attention lately, you all know that Jesus is from Steeltown.

J.C has invitation list for the poor and down&outs and the 0&5 :rockin: