Blame it on the coaches

We've all seen this before in the Khari Jones years. The Blue Bomber bus had the makings of a Grey Cup champion, but just couldn't make it to the top of the mountain.

History repeats itself in more ways than one. After an arm (& heart)breaking playoff season, the supposed-to-be Grey Cup Champions begin to self-destruct. Listening to Berry gripe about the enthusiasm of some of his players in public, poisoning the locker room atmosphere, players not having faith in their coaches, etc. reminded me of the end of the Dave Richie saga.

Just as we finally said bye-bye to Dave Ritchie, we'll soon be saying goodbye to Doug Berry and crew at the end of the season, if not sooner. We might as well take that snarly old buzzard Lyle Bauer behind the barn with the coaches and make a fresh start when new management takes over. Taman will be a good GM.

We know the Bombers will get punked next week against the Lions and will probably lose to the Stamps, making us 0-5. Dare I say, "Remember the Reinbold years?"

There's more talent here than in the Reinbold era, but it's obvious that the Dave Berry version of the Bombers peaked last year and is likely the worst team in the CFL. Full credit has to go to the Tabbies, Argos (ew), Riders, Esks, and Als who have upgraded their rosters this year while we bent over backwards to stay intact, believing we were good enough to make it to the top of the mountain.

I feel bad for Milt, but his individual accolades and a spot in the Hall of Fame will have to be enough. For the rest of us, it's time to take out the paper bags and join the hall of shame. At least the beer I bring from home is cold.

This is actually a decent post by '99'. But spidey, let's lay off the incest remarks, huh?

Anyhow, I was going to make another topic post, but this one is clearly intelligent enough to subscribe to it, eh.

Tonight on Doug Brown's show, I wanted to call in, but I repressed the urge. The truth is there is no urge.

The positives:

When the best players on our team are Ryan Dinwiddie and Derrick Armstrong, those are the postives.

The negatives:

. . . However, Doug and Wheeler made a feeble attempt to give fans a "let's feel sorry for ourselves" which is a good diversion for those types that are in remorse.

Spidey brings up key elements to the unravelling this season of a Stephen King novel. The novelty "We got it goin' on" is wearing thin on Bauer or Taman. This brings us to unquestionably the coaching.

Who is to blame? . . .you decipher the rest.

Here is my endorsement:

Berry = player's coach. He has mimicked Don Matthew's to a tee. Problem is we are not Mtl We do not have A. Calvillo. We have Kevin Glenn. To make a long story short; we have players that love Berry's strategy, but have to be resiliant with what's given to them. That's what a players coach does. At this level of play, the players are responsible for what needs to be done on the field.

All Players = they're playing for last year. Berry instills what he thought was critical for success. Unlike Matthew's, Berry thought he could count on the players to play at a high level without resorting to dirty tactics Matthew's is infamous of. We know Matthew's common knowledge was to win at any cost, put player's competing against each other, endorsed decpetive kinds of tactics preparing for the opposition which meant attempting to injure (i.e. Milt Stegall / D. Sanchez) . . . Bringing in players from other teams practice rosters for strategy purposes. . . doing fake punts on no grounds necessary for it, like running up the score etc. Berry does not do this whatsoever with his players, and respects their intelligence. (This follows. . . )

Troy Westwood: some people are using this as a cop out card against berry. This is simply untrue. Berry's philosophy proves one thing: never put yourself ahead of the team. Troy Westwood was a cancer at this. No matter what any one says that is the truth. Same goes for Keith Stokes. A guy who holds a babies rattle just so he can be the focus (as Stokes was) is not Bomber football.

In conclusion: I blame not berry but the players. This is not about blaming the victim, which in all fairness to berry would be just that. He's done everything he's taken from his experience in Montreal, and the Bombers have one thing to do, which is, be resiliant. Mtl, Ham, or Tor are easily beatable teams. Ham is not a darkhorse by any stretch. I still say they are over-achieving, and MTL will fizzle to smash mouth football. Tor is a joke in waiting. The season is not over for the Bombers, but every indication says otherwise. I thought Edm. would be the worst team in the CFL this year, but the Bomber's can really do the Eskimos proud.

The sad truth is it is the players that are at fault and not berry. He wanted Glenn to call his own plays, by this time in "the program" I'll bet you my ridiculous wager of $01. that Glenn hasn't even stepped up to the plate yet, while Gumby flies down on a parachute @ Canada Inns with Bob the Snob Irving announcing 'WE'RE BEING ATTACKED' over. . . and over. . . Next thing you know, Gumby's shifty moves breaks every Bomber tackler for a td return.

Berry thinking, "SIGN HIM UP."

BTW - the term 'suicide football' is a great analogy. The Bombers are really making a name of it and should feel privileged to coin it. Truly unbelievable start this season.

...IF WE GO 0-6...and i sure hope not...i like the phrase an ol cowpoke singer had awile ago....went something like this...'Like a snowball headed for hell'...Hopefully that's not where or how we're heading in the standings... :roll:

big you make great points. to me there are aspects of the game that coaching is at full blame though. we always make the same little msitakes game in and game out that hurt us. but other then those i fully agree. the players have a lack of heart and effort. they don't show the same will or passion to play or win games and it obviously is killing this team.

Me i like our OC Kit cartwright a little better then our previous guy, but in the past few seasons i began calling him the drive killer. make a few great plays march down field and then call a 2nd down play that is doomed from the snap count. and now this year for some reason we instigated the roll out. to me i hate this idea, and our team is not set up for it. a roll out is made for a fast QB and a sloppy oline lets look at vick and the flacons for that, he could roll out and had the speed to get in a throwing position or take off. our team has a strong offensive line and a pretty immobile qb in Glenn, he does not have the speed t get outside and set up a pass or take off. to me all the roll out does is take away half of glenns options.

which leads down to play calling altogether. it has been bad, REAL bad. even if we don't give roberts the ball we have to leave him in the back field for the snap count. when we drop roberts out the db's back off and gain the upper hand on our recievers. if Glenn is calling the plays i say we go back to the drive killer to do it, and if the drive killer is calling them then i say we give glenn the chance.

really at this rate thier s no harm, the team is 0-3 and sinking faster each game. anythign new could bring a different aspect to the game that could infact start winning us football games.

You think my points were fair? That's falttering to me, because after reading the points you made (which I also agree with) it tells me what a disaster this season is thus far. That's not an insult, it's the truth of it that hurts more.

I don't think it's the coaching or the talent.

A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, and right now we a couple or three out of 24.

You don't have to throw the whole chain away, just put in a couple new links and it's good as new.

This team lost some pretty significant links in Hebert and Bolden and Stokes to a lesser extent. Add Milt and 3 starting o-linemen on the shelf and that's fairly substantial.

I would hope, that by the time Milt and the o-line starters get back, they have also found and replaced the other weak links.

If not for Taman, I think we need to add a 'locker room' type player. Someone that would add depth to a position, that is a face we know. Otherwise, if Berry is content in leaving Kevin Glenn to burn us out with no points in the 1st quarter, put Dinwiddie in. Without points, or if our defense commits another suicide mission, I expect to see Dinwiddie into start the 2nd half. Bryan Randall needs something to look at for god sake.

I've been pondering this awhile. Think past the nightmares and back to the Grey Cup. The offensive plays the coaching staff gave Dinwiddie I could count on two hands and they wouldn't let him scramble. I was calling Dinwiddie's plays by the second half (so was the Rider secondary).

Last year we became predictable offensively; same deal this year. Roberts is getting 5-7 touches a game; is he in a cast? Is Glenn doggin' it, or perhaps Mr. Hall o Fame Milt in rehab? Does the o-line that opens up truck sized holes for Roberts lack enthusiasm, or is there something wrong with the best D-line in football--the Suicide Bombers? Berry poisons the locker room by shaming players publicly, poisons the locker room--it reeks like that egg-soocking weasel Don Matthews, his mentor.

I've decided to leave that old buzzard Lyle Bauer unharmed if he runs coach Berry out of town on a rail (we'll tar and feather him first) and takes the reins until a guy like Mike Riley comes along.

The secondary bites, could use reinforcements, but otherwise we're the same team as last year. We need to get rid of Berry now, by any means necessary. It's time to declare an onlinefatwa on Doug Berry--it's the only chance to salvage the season.

"Career Death to Doug Berry!" It's time for bomberjihad.

Somethings up.

Bean with a mysterious hand injury, now Sheridan is placed on the 9 game IR, for a phantom shoulder injury.

Looks like they are making some cap room for someone.

And Kevin Glenn just needs to get his head out of his azz. 1 TD and 6 INTs in 3 games !!!! That just isn't good enough.

...i smell something as well pigseye...and i also think its coming from the coaching ranks....It looks like this team has quit....WHY???? because of a few unpopular moves ...You can't tell me that everything is going smooth when you hear about the Sheridan thing...and Charlie at practice...dropping 5 throws and seemingly not wanting to be there...What the hell is going on...Someone better do some investigating quick...cuz this 'snowball' is gathering steam and heading in the wrong direction...We'll know by the effort tomorrow in B.C....IF this team doesn't come out playing with heart and a greater effort than we seen in the Peg...then someone has to make some drastic changes...or this year is a right-off and beginning to resemble the Daley era..(which i thought we left a long tome ago) :cry: :thdn:

great posts. As this thing begins to unravel, if Roberts continues to hurl the coaching staff, the players are revolting. This is not good going into bc.

It's time to declare an onlinefatwa - it's time for bomberjihad.
The points you make of dinwiddie are quite intriguing actually. I recall Dinwiddie's struggle in BC last year when given the ball.
Somethings up.

Bean with a mysterious hand injury, now Sheridan is placed on the 9 game IR, for a phantom shoulder injury.

Looks like they are making some cap room for someone.

And Kevin Glenn just needs to get his head out of his azz. 1 TD and 6 INTs in 3 games !!!! That just isn't good enough.

Maybe I was wrong, and they need more than just a locker-room type player.

Glenn cannot do any worse that's for sure.