blame it all on Marshall

I'm a big Ticat fan but our team just looks like they don't practice and don't care.

I'm not going to say fire everybody, because the 2006 season is toast for us now. Instead, I say just let it run its course with what we have, then fire everyone (coaches and players) next year. Hire no-nonsense coaches, then hold open tryouts for every position on the team.

Sorry, but I think this is all Greg Marshall's fault. We're seeing the result of a team chosen based on "nice guys who are easy for Greg Marshall to get along with" rather than "truly competitive, hard-working guys who know what they're doing." Obvoiusly, there are coaches on the Ticats who are coasting in their game prep, and there are players on the Ticats who are ok with being humiliated game after game, as long as they continue to receive a paycheck after each loss.

Glad I don't have season tickets in 2006.

Lets not stop with Marshall ...Katz is the GM..suppose to be the head football guy..but his background would lead anyone to believe that glitz and sizzle and filling the seats using promos is more important to him then building a solid football organization

This is all Darth Vader's fault

Great post Ticatsackattack. I agree.

But who allowed Marshall to do what he did..who hired Marshall then allowed him to hire assistant coaches in his first year with no practical CFL experience...a new coach like Marshall need guidence and help..just like any employee you really think he got any from Katz..the GM..

it's a combo off a lot of things and it trickles down from the top to bottom.
the most alarming thing i see is the character and identity this team lacks.

this team has not character or identity and in any organizatin or starts at the top...if we want glitz and sizzle off the field keep Katz...if we want hard core basic football...get a real GM

Marshall said when fired "How the players respond to this for the rest of the season will be my legacy" Couldn't have been said better. Marshall's legacy is that he is one of the worst coaches in the history of the Tiger-Cats if not the C.F.L. WHO brought these assistant coaches in that couldn't coach a well run yard sale??? MARSHALL. Who kept Yeast for three years even though the T.S.N. commentators were showing replays of his constant antics, and fans on this forum??? MARSHALL. Who kept bringing back Erdman and Reed for three years after they should have been fired, let alone hired in the first place??? MARSHALL.

Marshall's legacy is that he is one of the worst coaches in the history of the Tiger-Cats.
Such a great man, such a nice man.... im sad to say your comments are correct.

How does the guy go from Coach of the Year to worst coach in the history of the Cats?

Seriously, he wasn't a bad coach at all.

I am convinced that he didn't have the free reign that you believe he did with regards to players and assistants.

It's late, so I'll elaborate on this tomorrow.

I disagree JAG :slight_smile:

We won 3 in a row to start on emotion alone, after that we lost 9 of 15.

Pinball deserved coach of the year that year.

No , we cant blame marshall , He took a 1and 17 team and the next season they were9/8 and 1- Lancaster was there in the hadows looking over his shoulder, So imo Marshall never had full control then this yaer Katz made PaoPao his haed coach assistant, what garbage is that to put on the guy??, O its ok the Offence is so bad, ?? its marshalls fault and hes been gone for 5 games?? This offencive game plan is outdated , EE,s tride to Hire Marshall after he was dumped , i think mr hugh Cambell knows a little about football, more than Katz!