Blame Game II: The Shirley Ellis Remix


The Blay-yay-yay-yay-ame Game!!

Everybody do Bob!!

Bob, Bob, bo Ob,
Bonana Fanna fo Fob,
Fee fy mo Mob,

Come on everybody,
I say now let's play a game
I betcha I can make a rhyme,
of the people who are to blame
The caretaker of the Cats,
he treats us like we are not there
But with bad coaching and penalties,
A loss to the argos appears

And then I say "Bob, we're O fer 2",
then I say his name,
and then Bonana, Fanna, and a Fo
And then I say his name again
with an F-sharp (very plain!!),
cuz of 3 losses, maybe even mo'
And then I say his name again,
After losing 4 times
cuz we all know where some blame
should be assigned

OK, Let's do Marshall!!

Marshall, Marshall, bo Barshall,
Bonana Fanna fo Farshall,
Fee fy mo Arshall,

Cuz when the first four losses
are exactly the same
The coaching staff must take
its share of the blame
Like Joe Paopao,
Too many men? But how?
Kani Kauahi,
Pass protection's lookin' shoddy
Erdman, Erdman,
special teams so disconcertin'
Kavis, Kavis,
it's as if you hate us!
Do you take points off the board
Just to irritate us?

Okay? Now say "problem": (Boreham!!)
And then say "stupid penalties": (Belli!!)
Then Bonana-Fanna-Fo: (we need some 2nd half O!!)
Then you say the name Cheatwood, but add an F-sharp: (F*ckin' Cheatwood!!)
Then a Fee, a Fy, and a Mo (Blocked punt? NO!!)
And then you say these names again,
then say them one more time
And there won’t any blame left unassigned

That was great. The Sharon, Lois, and Bram version was driving me crazy anyway... :lol: :lol:

Nice.... but you definitely have too much time on your hands, otherwise a very good summation!

Time On Your Hands, thats a good one to

Doesn't Caretaker Bob collect clocks? WE, A COLLECTIVE WE, ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! Enough yelling now.

Great song though. Between me not hearing stuff and Bunner having time on his hands we will convince the higher ups that we are important.....we matter.