Blake Price

Did anybody here today that Blake Price talking about how the lions do not have a third Jersey to Market?

What rock has he been living under for the last 3 years, they were saying for the last two years that the lions third jerys was out selling the canucks wale logo jersey, i wish he would get his facts steight, same with David Benefield, he seems to slam the CFL Any chance he can get.

I may be wromg but I think both of them are Radio Rookies. I get a kick of radio guys messing things up. Does David Benefeild sound like Shaun Alexander or what!?

I like what Daved brings to the table, he does have a lot of knowledge when it comes to the CFL. Check your spelling, it's Daved not David.

Again DAVID does a good job but DAVID is just a rookie in the booth so DAVID gets a free pass cause all broadcasters are in DAVIDS' shoes in the beginning.Good for DAVID.