Blake Nill

Perhaps not really related to CFL but Blake Nill HC at the University of Calgary for years has moved over to take the UBC job. Notable as many thought he would be CFL bound. Great coach.

Salary reported to be $225,000, very high by CIS standards. Maybe the highest in Canada. Certainly more stability than the revolving jobs in the CFL.

I personally thought Benevides may get this job.

Good luck Blake. He's gonna need it at UBC. The athletic department is a mess out there

I have been a UBC THUNDERBIRDS fan since a much many years ago, looking forward to next season.

If the Dinos are smart they will find a way to grab Kelly Jeffrey out of MTA.

If the Dinos are smart they will find a way to grab Kelly Jeffrey out of MTA.


Why is Nill going to Vancouver. Thought he liked Calgary???
The salary stated above sounds way over the top. I would like to see a hard copy of that salary because Canadian CIS coaches make nowhere near the salary quoted. Besides, I heard some of the UBC assistant coaches have not yet been paid for this past season.
UBC did very well under the Frank Smith era in the mid 70's to early 90's. 3 or 4 Vanier Cups I think. Always gave the Huskies and Rams tough games in Saskatchewan.


That's almost as much money as previous bomber head coaches made.

wow big coup by UBC. And just last year there was rumours about folding the football program.

Neil went from St Marys to Calgary. Both powerhouses at the time. Wonder what he can do at UBC. Also wonder what made him move to UBC.

His salary is probably the highest in the CIS. I know mac and Western pay their coaches just under 150K

Sometimes well heeled alumni step in and contribute to a separate fund for the HC's salary..perhaps that's what's happening here given the dismal record of the T-Birds in recent memory.

An optimist might see this as evidemce that UBC is going to start taking their football program more seriously. I can't see Nill making this move unless he's sure the program is here to stay and that he will be able to run it more-or-less as he wishes.


Maciocia makes close to 200k and the Laval HC makes that much, so Blake likely got them to match that. Shows the disparity in the CIS and why its time to have two divisions. Blake's salary is more than some schools football program's entire operating budgets.