Blake Marshall

Remember Blake Marshall? He is IMO the best Canadian RB/FB in CFL history. He didn't just run over the opposition, he ran through them. I hated Blake Marshall, but would have loved to have him on my team!

Now he owns a bakery and pasta business in London. Has anyone been there? The portion sizes must me huge because Blake Marshall was a monster!

wally zatylny owned a restaurant called wally z's in westdale several years ago. my girlfriend and i ate there on opening day. wally wasn't there though. the place was made to look like a football field with a green floor with white yard lines. it didn't last a year though. i'd have thought mcmaster would have kept that place running for a long time. what other cfl folks have businesses like these?

he was one of the dirtiest players ever.

I repeatedly watched him give cheap shots to his opponents when he wasn't running the ball.

and as far as I'm concerned, he's not even close to the guy name Sean Millington. HE was a better overall running back.

Blake Marshall is probably the highest scoring Canadian running back in league history...what did he have that 1 year, 22 rushing TD's or something crazy like that. But don't know if that qualifies him as the greatest ever. Maybe best ever from the 1, although you'd have some argument from the Millington fans on that one.

Good question to debate though. Here's a couple of other names to throw out there. Orville Lee? Milson Jones was pretty good, though he played from the fullback spot mostly.

Blake Marshall was one of the all-time best bruising fullbacks in CFL history. He was one player who would have been on the field even without the import rules. His touchdown record was testament to how reliable he was on short yardage situations. Its just too bad that injury ended his career prematurely.