so i read on the info that fridays game will be blacked out in the calgary region... is there any chance it will be lifted? i dont live very close to calgary

it gets lifted if the stadium sells out or reaches a certain quota of tickest sold. buy ticks lol you can get them for 30 bucks a pop if your not picky about the angle you sit at from the field....its a good time too haha

what number is it they have to reach?

It is the desision of the team to lift the blackout. They are required to lift 2 blackouts a year to satisfy the agreement with TSN (I think) but a sellout does not guarrantee the blackout lifted. The game should be rebroadcast on TSN2.

it doesnt look like tsn2 is showing the reply. it saws auzzi rules football.

On Bell my guide shows the game after auzie rules football at 1:30 am but only in a half hour time frame. I suspect that when the guide gets updated that the game will be shown then.

must have has enough fans around, and the blackout was lifted. the cfl site said like 36, 000 fans i think.

ya it was a good game. i love having season tickets haha. i cant believe that the challenges went calgarys way...wasnt too sure about how many challenges wally got tho lol

so any chance the blackout will be lifted on friday night against edmonton? i dont want to drive all the way to calgary to watch the game

Anyone else notice the only games blacked out this year are against bc? I have HD now so it doesn't matter to me anymore. It seems like those are the games that are lowest attended... The bc ones. You would think with the Wally thing and such more people would show. Even considering the grey cups he got us to. I think it's time for cfl to get rid of blackouts.

I live in BC (hate the lions though) and I watch all four games each week and I haven't missed a game in years... are there actually blackouts in certain areas? If so that's garbage!
Totally news to me.