so i am sure this is a worn out topic for most people, but im new here, so hopefully you can help me out. i am just on the edge of the calgary region(2 hours away) so i am blacked out for tomorows retro game. is there any legal way for me to watch this game at home? is the reply on tsn 2 blacked out as well? because i can wait till later to watch the reply.

TSN HD.. it is a Toronto feed.. so you can watch all the games.

well i on bell expresview, and i dont have HD channels. but i like thinking.

If I'm not mistaken, the TSN2 replay is not blacked out. I seem to remember coming home from a blacked out game last year and catching part of it on the second network.

I think if the game is 95% sold out they are obligated to lift the blackout, you might want to check a local bar and see if they are airing it.

no each team is allowed to lift 2 games from the blackout list.

no more.

Each team MUST lift a minimum 2 blackouts.....They can lift all of them if they like!

yeah, they can.. but they won't.

Montreal does

well ya but that's cause they have a small stadium and they want their fans to be able to see them on TV. it's smart business.

could you imagine if Edmonton did that every game though?

they're so called 40,000+ would drop!

the Eskimo game was on TV last night.. in Edmonton.. do they black out games any more? Go to most so I dont really know.

I proud to say that I haven't had one in quite sometime now.

The weather is beautiful today, so they could easily draw enough of a walk-up to sell out. The rocky start won't help that much, because Calgarians only like cheering on a winning team. But with TO coming to town, it should draw a bunch of people wanting to watch the annaillation.

I am not so proud to say that I have

gotta lay off the squeeze billy, that stuff will get ya every time.

I was kind of hoping to have one Thursday night...

thanks for all the help guys. i think the blackout was lifted, but i used it as an excuse to go to BP's and have some wopply pops with the wife and watch the game there. then at half time went to a buddies hose to watch it on HD. thanks for that tip cflisthebest. maybe i will speed up my getting of HD.

does anyone know if the blackout will be lifted this friday in calgary?

Hamilton did

I know the rules regarding blackouts changed in the previous contract with TSN. Did they change them again in the current contract? There is an article at which was originally in the Regina Leader-Post that talks about the blackout rules in the contract signed in 2006. The article said:

The new deal also contains a new blackout policy.

"It's a different set of circumstances, which calls for a total number of league games to (have the blackouts) lifted,'' said Hopson. "It's not for the teams to decide, it's up to the league. And it won't be unlimited. Certainly the Roughriders can't black out all their home games."

I know lifting the blackout depends on ticket sales but I don't think the threshold is as high as 95%.

As for Calgary's game this weekend, I think the chances are excellent that the blackout will be lifted. I went to Ticketmaster to see what the best available seats would be for 2 people and it came up with Row 46 in the last section in one of the endzones.