If i have TSN HD do blackouts apply to me?


I was able to watch all games on TSN HD even those "Blacked Out".

There is a chance they have changed things for this year though.

Yeah I know that there are some people out there that for very good reasons ($$$), cant afford to go to a lot of games at IWS. There are probably 16 games that you will be able to watch free of charge without leaving your living room. For the two or three games that will be blacked out, why not try to buy a ticket?

From what I can see, there are all kinds of tickets available at $20 or less, and when you are buying these tickets you are supporting the Cats and Bob Young, who has been getting kicked in the &*#@@s the past few years. The Cats look competitive this year and having good crowds will only help.

high def is good but it's still only 2d, pay a few bucks and see real live 3d football, then you don't have to worry about blackouts

don't start saying ticket prices are too high when you are able to buy a high def tv and pay for the high def channels

No chance, its a subscription channel, they have to show all the content.

Compared to other teams in the CFL the local Hammertonians have no reason to complain. Hamilton by far blacks out the least amount of games. I live in Vancouver and the Lions black out at least 6 of the 9 home games each season. Thats OK though as the Lions are just my 2nd team. :slight_smile:

It doesnt matter that its a subscription channel. TSN SD is a subscription channel in some places as well. Just because you pay for the channel doest mean they have to show a blacked out game

Hey if anyone wants to babysit my year old twin boys every game I'll be there.

I , up until last year, would go to 6 games a season. Now with the babies it is harder.

I knew once I answered the original post people would say "why not just buy a ticket".

It's not always that simple.

TSN2 showed the home games almost immediately after the completion of the game. Too many times last year I watched the TiCats lose twice in one night. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

i still believe blackouts dont work ,in the 70's and 80's the games where blackout and how many of those games were soldout or near to a sellout but if they are still going to blackout 2 games this why cant they say which ones are so fans with limited income and who can buy tickets for a couple games like i will probably have to next year let us know now so we dont buy tickets for games on tv only to find out the games we didnt buy for are blacked out

I buy tickets whenever I can, and when I can't attend I'd like to at least be able to watch the Ticats on TV. I hate blackouts, I never miss a Ticat game so that forces me to go. (Unforunately their stupid little blackout scam works, sorry to say. May not max out stadiums but it brings in more bodies.)

I record all the home games.
When I tried to record one of the blacked out games on my PVR last year (on Bell) I came home to discover it didn't record anything except the very end, once the game over-ran the allotted 3 hour timeslot.

However, like PatLynch said, the timeshifted TSN2 broadcast is not blacked out. You just have to hope there's not some other live programming on TSN2 at that time.

Does anyone remember back in the late 70's (I think) when the only way to watch a Ticats home game on TV was at some local bars that had a satellite dish?

As far as the topic goes, I don't really mind the occasional black-out if it helps the team in any respect.

No more blackouts!!!!!

Everyone should have access to the greatest game on earth.

I'm back baby, I'm back......

The black out did nothing last year. Attendance didn't do any better than the average attendance.

But it's a good business strategy eh? Get a few short term gate revenue (if it works) while shutting your product off from your target audience.

I had no interest in watching football until I happened to catch the '89 Grey Cup at my Grandparents' house (i know they don't black out the grey cup), but it was a chance encounter. After that, I was hooked and started going to the games the next season. Until I moved from Hamilton I went to every home game and listened to the ones on the radio, if I couldn't go.

I don't know if I ever would've become a paying fan if I hadn't caught that first game. I had known about the TIcats before that but had no interest. Over ten years of blacking out two games per season, you would've blacked out an entire season and the playoffs (equivalent). How many potential fans that might have caught one of those games could you have alienated or never gained? Yes, there are 16 other games on tv, but if you're trying to grow your fan base, every exposure helps.

I have to agree with not_a_bengal06. I played football throughout high school and always loved the sport but I never had the slightest interest in the CFL. Hell, I lived half year across the park from IWS and I didn't get what the fuss was about till I caught a Cats game at a local bar. Caught the rest of the season on TV then started going to games the next year. They need to go for as much exposure as possible. Plus I believe blackouts punish those fans that cant make it to everygame, speacially since they are announced last minute.