Does anyone know if the black out will be lifted against Montreal?

I hate to say that I can’t make this game, but I definitly want to be able to watch it.

I think they have already lifted 3 blackouts, but this game should be packed, so hopefully…

Depends on the crowd, sounds like it will be a big one, so you never know.

alot of the time now they lift blackouts. they always say there is possibly going to be a blackout and then at game time announce that it has been lifted

A large crowd does not necessarily mean the blackout would be lifted. I believe each team has to lift 2 blackouts, anything more than this is cream. You would think if there were a large crowd that the team would lift it, but they haven't in the past. I think there have been at least 3 lifted already....

But it doesn't matter anymore anyway, I'm going to the game afterall!! :rockin:

if its a sell out crowd yes they are lifted its a rule that they have to lift it

Lifting a blackout because of a sell out has to be a myth. Alot of people say it will happen everytime there is one, but just look at lastnight. Biggest crowd of the year, and the black out was still on. All I know is that there HAS to be 2 lifted regardless of attendance.

Yes that was garbage, I missed going to the game so I thought I would be able to watch in on TV anyways, nope they had it blacked out till the last 5 minutes.

Come on Bombers win next week so I can see you atleast one more time this year.