i hope the game on sunday is sold atleast it better be and dam blackout is lifted. any news yet?

The game has been sold out for over a week, so I would assume that the blackout would be lifted.

the game is not sold out. just this morning they were saying there is still a couple thousand seats available. in the temp seating for the concert. but the blackout has been lifted.

Actually, the blackout was lifted about two or three weeks posted there some time back that because the original seating had sold out, the blackout was lifted. There still are a few hundred temporary seat tickets remaining (800 last I heard) which were offered up a couple weeks ago.

i just wondering if they still have to more games 2 that they have to lift? of does this count as 1 of them?

This counts as one, but they can lift as many as they wish…the simply MUST lift two.