Blackouts in Victoria?

I just recently moved to Victoria from Nanaimo, and I can't for the life of me figure out why Antiques Roadshow is on CBC instead of the Lions game. I can only imagine it's blacked out here in Victoria, but that makes zero sense. Is it reasonable to expect that I would spend $150 going to Vancouver and back to watch the Lions game rather than watching it on T.V? If so, that's embarrassingly bush league.

Poking around online, the Eskimos website says this about CFL blackout policy:

The standard CFL blackout policy is as follows:
The blackout pattern for CFL games is 56 km radius from the stadium for cable television and 120 kms for conventional (CBC). There is one exception to this rule. The Province of Saskatchewan is subject to full provincial blackouts.

Therefore, since the game is on CBC, and we're within 120 km (Nanaimo is affected too), and the blackout has not been lifted for this game, we are being blacked out, despite the fact that we live ON A FREAKING ISLAND. This is completely stupid.

edit: here's the link I'm using as a reference:

Hey guys just go and watch the game on the computer.

That’s patently absurd, and, as I said, embarrassingly bush league. The only bright side is that CBC broadcasts are awful, so there’s always that.

it has never been blackked out in nanaimo on vancouver island. ever.

kevin grieder

It is not on here in Campbell River either and we are way out of the 120 Km limit! Lucky I have Star Choice! 12 - 0 Vancouver

I've lived in Courtenay for 20 years and have never been blackout! It has to be something else? We're outside the 120 kms. blackout zone.



I lived on the Island, mostly in Nanaimo, for 32 years before moving to the Interior in 1997, and I recall numerous times when the games were blacked-out, especially during years of low-attendance. With that said, I don't think the Island should ever be blacked-out, especially with the high transportation costs getting back and forth.

As for CBC's coverage of the game. That colour commentary was the most painful bit of banter I've ever heard. Oh yeah, yeah, and definately prefaced every friggin comment.

But, the Leos won with another dominating defensive performance. The next game against Saskatchewan will be a better test for the Lions. Unlike the rematch with Montreal last week, I hope they realize that they need to play tough every game.

we are not in the blackout range.
it says the blackout area is 56km for cable and 120km for conventional tv. most tv is cable. the island is not within the 56 km area . it is 30 nautical miles or 56 kilometers to vancouver from the departure bay run in nanaimo or 38 nautical miles which translates to 70 kilometers from the duke point run in nanaimo. so we ARE NOT in the black out arrea.

here is the link: to my source.

:x mad as anything

Hey Croft can I come over and watch at your place? I hope this is the last blackout this year.

CBC screwed up as usual. Walby was having his pre-game meal and spilled a gallon of beer into the electrical componants which short circuited the computer.


At least that story is more likely and interesting , rather than CBC screwed up again.