Blackouts in the name of Profitability?

Blackouts would be a regression in my opinion. Stick to the proven theory.
Why attendance is going down. So what has 'lifting' the blackouts done, really?

I know Hamilton fans would like to think they are the best in the league but I would strongly disagree. Its a bandwagon town. If your winning or hot they'll come. If not? See ya!

They gone down due to bad Play on Field .
Higher ticket Prices and Mistakes By Management.
When Bob Bought Team He Said
You have to have a Product Fans Want to see and Place they want to go

IWS has been a Great Place to watch a game
The Game play was Almost as bad as Smelling Pepi la Peu and Saying it Roses.. We All Know it was Sub par at Best .

There is no mention of what criteria for a blackout. If it is straight up, I think it is a bad idea. It won't make any more fans come to the game - either they want to come, or they don't.
What they should do is say that if the Stadium is not 85% full a half-hour before the game, then there will be a blackout; otherwise it is televised.

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I would assume in the CFL that the majority or those watching the games on TV are casual fans. Might only come out to a game here or there. Or maybe none at all. Well maybe the will get out to a game they can't watch. I guess we'll have to see.

Blackouts suck, I try to make it to every game but am not a season ticket holder because i work a lot of shift work and get called in a lot so i really depend on taping those games I miss and now if they are blacked out I wont get to see them. I hope the ticats can do something for the blacked out games like play it on broadband or something which would at least work to drive some traffic to the website.

Please don black out the games!!

I think its all a matter of trusting the people running our team, and that their doing everything in their power to make the team work. Even though some of the things I don't like, I trust Bob and his crew with the team.

The TigerCat organization will get butts in the seats when there is a quality product on the field.

But, with the teams record over the past couple of years, they simply won't get people out until there is PROOF of the quality in the product - and blacking out the games does NOT show the (presumed) improvement in the team to your intended audience. (Business marketing 101 says) ... Once you have a quality product on the field, you can say: "Come to the game, or we'll black it out.", and they would be justified in doing it ... however, at this point in the development of the franchise, what they are proposing is not smart business.

Create the need, then limit the supply, thereby driving up the price and profitablity.

It's just my opinion. And I'm entitled to it.


The Bassman


Very Well Said too

Create the need, then limit the supply, thereby driving up the price and profitablity.
Or limit the supply to drive up demand. It works both ways.

In most scenarios it does, but if no one knows that the product has improved ... limiting the supply will only be greeted by appathy on the part of the fan base.

And if your fan base doesn't care, your team may fail. In professional sports, if you follow a simple progression, you should succeed.

The Bassman


Well seeing how is could be (could be) 2 games and there are 18 regular season games...

  • 89% of the games are available via TV.

  • 100% if you either have seasons and watch the away games or purchase a ticket to the blackout games and watch the rest on TV.

I think blackouts are a good thing. It just means that it will give ticat fans more incentive to buy a ticket, therefore better for attendance and success of the organization.

If the game is sold out. Lift the blackout.

Valid point Whoknows, let's hope it's enough ...

The Bassman


I think the word blackout scares people. Just trying to put it into perspective.

I just gotta shake my head at all the um posters, who are so critical of blackouts. Fact is, if you dont get good crowds, you have to have blackouts. Thats reality. Sure, there are shutins and others who for one reason or another, cannot, or willnot, go to games anyhow, but nothing is perfect. CFL teams need people in the stands, and if a blackout puts even just a few more hundred in the stands, then that is why it should happen, must happen.

To be critical of Bob in this is to be very selfish thinking (this is bad for me, therefore it must be bad) andor very simple minded.

and people talking about butts in the seats when winning. Screw those "fans" who only go to games when the team is winning. Those "fans" dont deserve to ever see a game on TV

I am not in favor of blackouts. The idea has been tried in the this league and it failed to increase attendance. Instead, it limited the CFL's exposure to young fans and that's why to this day, you see so many older folks at games and not the young kids who are needed to grow the league's future fanbase.

If the team was better, the fans would be there. The team is punishing the fans for its own mediocrity and inablity to attract fans on merit.

Really sad!!

An Argo-Cat fan

89% of the games are available via TV.

The casual, non season ticketholder has 16 games or 89% of the Ticats regular season available on TV. A decrease in 11% is not going to hurt a generation of fans.

I bet the majority of people that watch Ticats games on TV do not catch 89% of the games to begin with.

I am, and always have been, a TiCat fan, whether they are winning or losing, or making obviously stupid mistakes, or not so obvious ones, or making myterious moves/decisions that I just don't understand.
Someone mentioned that the phrase "blaclout" scares people, and I agree. I can't explain why that is really, but I find that to be true.
Do I think these blackouts will work? Probably not. It will p*** off a lot of people and those people will opt not to attend those games because of that.
I try to support my team financially as best I can, but I am on a very limited budget, so my support does not usually come in the manner of being able to purchase tix, I just can not afford them - it's that simple. I will save up for as long as I can to be able to get to a game or two a season, even asking for tix as presents to try and get there more often. Does my financial situation make me any less of a fan? Absolutely not!

Needless to say, raising the prices of tix as well as tossing in a couple of blackouts, is to me one of those somewhat mysterious things I don't quite get (though I can try and explain it to myself, and from a business stand point I can rationalize it, so please don't tell me how much of a good/useful/effective move this is). If you want to blackout games to try and get peoples butts into the now higher priced seats, you might want to wait until you have shown them that there is a product on the field worth the gamble - especially when they are not telling exactly which games they mean, just which months they will be played in.

If I could afford seasons tix, I'd have them, every year, no matter the standings. If I could afford any of the ticket packs they offer, I'd get that instead. If I could afford to go to a handfull of games a season, I'd be there dressed in black and gold ready to lose my voice. However, not everyone can do this. I do my best to spend an entire year saving up to be able to go to the labour day classic. I don't want to not get to see my team play just because I can't afford to pay their prices and they have blacked out the game thinking we'd all flood down there to see what we're missing.
Should I give up going to the labour day game (which we all know is a whole different experience then any other game of the season) so that I can go to blacked out games? Sadly, I'd rather spend the moeny for that one game then to buy the cheapest seats to see the other 2 instead.

As always, this is ONLY my opinion, my current feelings on the subject shortly after finding out. I do not expect most people to agree with me. I expect that most poeple will respond badly to what I've said. However, my bank balence is not going to magically increase simply because Mr. Mitchell wants it to, nor is it going to make me more likely to attend those specific games, nor do I think that hyping a team that (honestly) hasn't done that well the last few years will sell tix to those games - no matter how much Casey Printers talks about himself. Maybe we are the only ones who don't have blackouts, but what other team has had a team as consistantly bad as ours?
Perhaps I need to let this sink in just a little bit more and remove myself from the financially struggling fan mindset and into the business end mindset (since that is what I majored in and al). Please don't take my emootions on this subject as any type of reflection of my emotions for this team. How I feel about the product on the field and the product off the field, as well as how I feel about the players on the field and the coaching staff and the people behind the scenes, are not always on the same level.

Thank you for your time, for giving a place to speak my mind, react to situations, and not only learn from you but voice my opinions and hear yours - some of which have been known to show me the light and even change my mind (or at least enlighten it).


ah poppycock (to barnyfife). young fans still get to see their team in 9 away games, playoff games, and any home game not blacked out due to enough attendance.

I know from my own youth, way back before it became standard to have most if not all games televised, we got maybe one or two games a week televised, yet we all knew about the league and desire to go to games was high. We didnt need to watch home games on tv to "get us interested". We were lucky to see our team on tv 4 times in a reg season, period.