Blackouts in the name of Profitability?

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If the cats want RESPECTABILITY they should simply call it for what it is, Blackouts. Although Profitability is obviously important dont begin using it as a disguise for every major decision made.

I do intend on supporting the cats this season, however I do believe they should be "straight shooters" and not give lame duck excuses for doing what they feel like. Hamiltonians & ticat fans abroad have supported you through thick and thin and at least deserve the truth. (In my humble opinion)

I don't understand your point.

WHat is it you think they are hiding? I thought it was quite clear that they will black out two games and reduce freebies.

Attendance is donw, below league average so the support isn't as good as it should be..

Methinks Scott Mitchell is too young to remember the bad old days of blackouts and 12,000 fans in IWS. Way to alienate your team’s fans. Combined with the ticket price increase, no wonder you’re expecting no more than 20,000 at the home opener…

What’s next? Threaten the city with folding the team if you can’t sell tickets? We’ve heard THAT one before too…

Guess those exorbitant price increases last fall for four years of substandard football had no effect on ticket sales. Now, I guess it's time to resort to the old, failed tripe of blackouts and fan-blaming. Mitchell is a champ.

Attendance fell below the league average last year.

The "exorbitant" increase you refer to fails to take into account the freeze for 3 - 4 years as salary cap and other epxenses rose substantially.

Oh, and the "exorbitant" increase did not affect 94% of the season ticket holders.


I really thought Bob Young had learned from the past. The Ti-Cats and the CFL alienated a whole generation of fans by not televising local games. I remained a fan DESPITE not being able to go to many games and not being able to see them on TV. I think I was the exception and not the rule.

By televising games you offer your brand to the entire local population. Even if it doesn't turn into immediate attendance results, you get people talking about your brand, get fans buying your merchandise and offer advertisers local viewership for in stadium advertising.

While I believe blackouts are counter-productive I am dissappointed in Cats blackout decision and all I can say to Bob Young is I think you are making a big mistake....a mistake I thought you had fixed 5 years ago when you said you were going to eliminate blackouts for local Ti-Cat fans.


Yeah, and just when TV ratings were rising and leading to more lucrative TV deals for the teams.

I think if a team agrees not to black out any games then there should be some sort of additional bonus TV money given to that team. If this is possible?

This the sort of thread mysterious usernames come out of the blue who are just "curious" and "concerned".
Bet on it.

Every other CFL team does blackouts people..

BC is the worst. Pretty much every game last season was blacked out here in Vancouver.

Exactly right,and the NFL does it.

Any blacked out games and I'll be buying a ticket....

It works,although what they used to do was black out games from Toronto when we played there as well,thats what realy hurt the CFL.

Two games blacked out locally only is to be expected ,big deal,lets not call it a plot or anything sinister....relax.

How many times has it been proven that blackouts don't work.
They almost sunk the league...when a crop of youngsters grew having never seen CFL football, the result was empty stadiums.

How anyone, in this day and age, can believe that less exposure helps your brand is beyond me. the marketplace is cluttered with alternative sports and entertainment go dark, you quickly fall off the radar.

B.C has had some pretty substantial success in the last few years. I sure hope that their blackout policy doesn't cost them down the road.

Blackouts mean something different between the CFL and NFL. With no Canadian NFL teams, if say a Bills game is blacked out you just get another game from another city, still football, when other games are on which is usually if it's a Sunday say. In Canada, with the CFL having few teams, no game then it's a rerun of CSI or something. So no exposure for the league then.

Calgary also blacks out "some" of their games ,we are the only ones not affected by blackouts ,but our stadium was near full....
Now there seems to be a move away from attending games in the works and two games blacked ,locally only ,out is the result...?

I for one will be attending those games ,it's a better experience IMO.

If it means getting more fans in the stands for a few games, then I dont mind. Rather see a stadium full of fans, then a stadium with empty seats on TV.

The fact that the team chose a game in July and one in August to blackout, if at all, is no surprise.

We always depend on the walk up crowd for that extra 3 to 5 thousand A.I.S.s at the best of times. Summer is tougher what with people away at the cottage or holidays because kids are off.

The fact that the game is blacked out might just make up for the difference of regular attendees being away with the casual fan who can't decide to go to the game or watch at home or a sports bar.

I am sure many of you, as do I, know people who haven't gone since the blackouts were lifted for all home games. These same people would catch a game or two in previous years, especially if a good team was in town.

I'm still not sold on the idea that good "TV Fans" translates into good "Stadium Fans" anyway. Has there ever been a study to prove it one way or the other?

IMO Blackout Don't work
They Just Piss People Off..
Why would want Stir Up the Horents Nest Even More

I could see them Blacking out Every game next year.

What does it matter? You all have your tickets, right?

Or maybe not.

It appears that our Caretaker needs to learn everything the hard way. This isn't Lulu or one of your other ventures, Bob. I won't even say it's CFL football. This is Hamilton.

If you care to look back over the years when blackouts were part of the norm, you'll notice that this idea failed.

Several fans had the idea that if they couldn't watch the game when it was impossible for them to attend, why bother at all. The NFL grew into prominence in these parts and likely will again if you pursue your idea.

Eventually, the realization occurred that, in order to keep fan interest at a high, it was necessary to give them full access to games, both attended and unattended. This, generally worked!

I'm sure that TV sponsorship and ratings also went up. This all adds up to success for our local team. Do CFL teams manage to squeeze any revenue from the TV networks that have the privilege of broadcasting our games? If not, they definitely should. The networks and the CFL need to work together in a co operative spirit on this. Blackouts won't work!

Blackouts would be a regression in my opinion. Stick to the proven theory.

Yes of Course I do.
But if they do black out 2 games this year as a Test
What if it works .. They could Black out Next Season Games in Entirety.

That Could Backfire.....
With No Local TV Presents next year...
The Lifeblood of this team is the Youth Market..
If they Are not on Local TV
The Kids Will See Argo Games or NFL Teams the Bills Jets Giants and Others.

The youth Market is what will Keep The Ticats Alive
after We are older Fans have Past On.
With out Youth Market
the Profitability of Team Could be Short Lived.

They May be Playing with fire...
Hope they don't burned by it