Is there a blackout scheduled for the game this weekend?

Likely, it depends if the stadium is sold out or not, otherwise it will most likely be blacked out.

Yea, it prob will be unfortunately. It's frustrating that us people in Saskatoon can't watch it even though we live in a different city. Plus I'd much rather go watch it anyways if I could, hopefully my satellite screws up again and doesn't black it out.

This game will be very close to a sellout, if not a total sellout by the time the game starts

At what point do they decide to lift the blackout? It doesn't much matter to me, I'm in Alberta, but I'm curious. Does they have a certain hour that they need to be sold out by, or do they decide last minute (like at kickoff)?

beats me

i wouldnt be surprised if they lifted this one.

If you live in Saskatoon check out the Snooker Shack on 8th ....I lived there last year and they showed all the games, even the "blacked out" ones. Don't ask questions....just enjoy!

Blackout has been lifted for tonight's game anyways

Does anyone know if the game is soldout yet? It will definetly be close if it isn't.