I've always disliked the idea of a blackout rule for the CFL, and until I read some posts about it being a "necessary evil", I kind of assumed that everyone was on the same page as me. So, I ask only this: what is YOUR opinion on the blackout rule? I personally think that it hinders the growth of a fanbase because it just seems unlikely to me that a a non-fan would feel the urge to go to a game, and become a fan afterwards. A pretty good example of this is the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL, where only the hardcore fans get to watch them because all of the home games are blacked-out on TV.


its stupid i cant see my home team play a game unless there away.And sometimes i cant go and see the bombers play i have to watch it and then thres the BLACKOUT

The whole idea behind a black out is to get the fans to the stadium and not watch it on TV

I like the policy they have now, and it should be for all "home" games, that if it is sold out then the blackout can be lifted. As for the Blackhawks, if I were a fan of that team, I would not want to watch them cause they suque, lol

i was checking out cbc and it says ''local blackout may apply'' does that mean it will hapenn for sure?I can stand the blackout

It doesn't mean it will happen for sure - each team MUST lift a certain number of blackouts per year (two? three? not sure.....), but can lift as many as they wish after their obligations have been fulfilled.

no it means if they dont sell out there will be a blackout. its not that hard to undertstand, there have been too many threads about this.

no sell out = blackout

sellout = blackout lifted

If the game is sold out, then the blackout might be lifted. Either that, or you live in Flin Flon or Churchill they might lift the blackout there.

makes since

I say scrap the blackout. There is no evidence that blacking out games increases attendance. Sure there are people who choose to stay home and watch the game on TV who might otherwise have gone to the game. But more TV exposure in the vicinity of a team means more people discovering just how great the CFL is. That equals more butts in the seats at future games.

Blackouts began in a day when the CFL was hugely popular from coast to coast, and believed it always would be. But throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s, the league blacked out broadcasts, preventing potential fans from seeing their product. Attendance dwindled across the country, cost a couple of cities their teams, and very nearly ended the CFL completely. They were so concerned with getting a certain number of fans to their next game that they abandoned the prospect of attracting potential fans to future games.

Last year Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal were among the teams that lifted all their blackouts. Ottawa continued to black out all their home games. Of course, these teams' successes and failures were based on more than blackouts, but obviously three were doing the right thing, and one was not.

Sorry BB but you are not quite right

As jm said each team MUST lift 2 or 3 blackout regardless of sales and this one could be one of them

There doesn't have to be a sellout to lift a blackout anyway. In Saskatchewan if the game is 90% sold out 48 hours prior to kickoff, the club, as a general rule, lifts the blackout.

ive had season tickets sicne i was 13 but. since i never get caught in the blackout it doesnt piss me off, its one of the reasons i keep my season tickets

There ya go!
Its the reason they black out games on tv so people will go

it works for me and my buddies to keep our season tickets. plus i love going to games, alot better then TV

Yes, these people. Current borderline fans. But what about the thousands of others who don't go to games? Prohibiting exposure to those people costs the league potential future fans.

I'll say it again: there is no evidence to support the argument that blackouts increase attendance. Even before the near-sellouts of the last few years, Hamilton has always had their best attendance in seasons in which they have lifted all their blackouts. Why? Because those who don't go to a game will still be exposed to it, and many of them will choose to go to a game some time in the future. Black out the game and you're losing those fans.