Wtf and i cant wind a live cast anywhere

Last year it was policy to lift the blackout for all sold out games, wich was a choice that Hopson made. Guess they aren't doing it the same way this year. Each team is required to lift the blackout for 2 games every year and are not required to lift it for any more if they so chose.

There was no blackout.

RidersNeverDie forgot to pay his cable bill. :slight_smile:

You know, as much as I'd love to be able to go to CFL games, this is one reason why I love living in a non-CFL city.

no, there wasn't a blackout

He was watching the CBC.

First home game I made that mistake by leaving my reciever at home when I went to the cabin, knowing I would get it on the rabbit ears. 2 hours before kickoff, i had realized what I had done, packed up the kids and wife and went home! Made it back and only missed the first five minutes.

By the way, I'm glad the CBC is done. They have screwed us over too many times.

I guess starchoice didnt get the memo regular cable wasnt blacked out I finnally got the game in the second half

Starchoice: the CBC of satellite television.

actually they were talking bout this on news talk radio apperntly star choice gave 4 different excuses as to why the game was blacked out and not one made sence

If the blackout is lifted game day then the game is suppose to be broadcast on the TSN alternate channel. This blackout has been lifted for days if not weeks so Starchoice made a big mistake.