Thank you loyalticatfan, I just speak from the heart, sniffle, sniffle .

HalfTheDistance, your suggestion is perfect. Sit around in the living room just like the old days a la Foster Hewitt. The kids will try to pull a “Bounty” without the flickering blue light, but it should be fun.


Well stkitsfan,

I can spot a real Tiger Cat fan when I see one!!!. Should be a great game today. I think were going to take it!!!

I would. But I'm afraid of catching a virus.

I would. But I'm afraid of catching a virus.

just clarifying here but,

the general tone is (and i'm paraphrasing)

-blackouts help the team make more $
-if you don't like blackouts on principle, you're not a real fan and who needs you anyway.

am i right in assuming this?

just making sure it is indeed 1996 again

I remember the 90's, blackouts were common, or even games just not televised, 12,000 fans at the game. TSN has helped put this league back on it's feet. I'm sure they're not impressed blacking out one of the largest markets for their signature "Friday Night Football", Having said that, I'm not leaving a 40 year Ticat tradition in my Family like some... but I do question the thinking.... I can't make tonight's game, and now I can't PVR it to watch when I get home.. so be it...

FYI ... on TSN HD ... the games not blacked out ... I'm in Stoney Creek and watching it :rockin:

Yep, ditto. I guess TSN cant black it out since its a subscription channel (im on the mountain near upper ottawa and limeridge)

No Blackout on FTA Bell Expressvu

Read'em and weep Scott Mitchell

Are you crazy? This blackout is BS! They shouldn't blackout any games. This team is terrible. As far as I'm concerned the tickets should be free until they put a consistently half decent team on the field. They have the right to blackout the game, but it will only hurt them in the long run. Die hards will always be fans, the fence sitters will find something else to do though. Scott Mitchell and co. are a bunch of baboons!…watch the game live online right now

This "Blackout" will backfire.
There will still only be 20k bums on the 2x8's