Leaving the arguement of whether a blackout is a good idea or not aside (stupid in my opinion) but is live streaming the game.... can that be blacked out too? Anyone know....?

I Believe they can be block IP Addresses.
each City
Part of IP # is the Country Provence and City info in the address Address.

24.3 .1xx .xxx Normally

will TSN HD be blacked out as well and i am paying extra for that, I will be out of time to around 8 tomorrow and would hope that the HD channel would not be blacked out

Nope it will be Blackout as well

That is correct. I found out earlier this year that if your IP address is found to corresponds to one within a certain area where the game is blacked out, you'll be unable to watch it online. This makes me wonder if people in some parts of the blacked-out are might be able to watch it online but not on TV.

Last week, I purchased a ticat sweater and shirt for myself, and a hoodie for my daughter. They're all going back to the store for a refund on the weekend. I have a ticat hat, two other ticat shirts, purchase the cfl sponsor rye , shop at the cfl's Rona versus Home Depot (both are in my neighbourhood). We live 1 hour from Hamilton and go to 2 or 3 games a year. We watch every game, or tape it and watch it the next day, with heart and passion. Never again.
I just found out about the blackout. I am going to find a team (maybe the nfl?) that is as loyal to me, as my family is to them. I have been a loyal ticat fans for the tough years, I have stood by you...but the blackouts have frustrated me. I will find a team/sport that really wants and respects me as a loyal fan. Maybe the younger generation wouldn't have left the cfl, if they hadn't been blacked out games for a generation or two.
If kids can't's tough to convert them into fans! I just watched the new cfl promotional campaign on youtube "it's his game, it's her game, etc>", except when the ticats say "screw you" and black you out!
Sorry, but there are plenty of other opportunities for entertainment out there. Ticat management, if you don't want me to watch, and don't want me to purchase your merchandise...okay. I won't. Another sport will want my money this Friday night.
There are plenty of loyal fans who open up their pocketbook for Christmas presents, etc...and the Ticats treat them with disdain with a blackout. Not all of us can enjoy every game in person...some of us have younger children, etc...but we still spend money on your team in other ways.
Tomorrow, during the blackout, I will find another form of family entertainment, and somewhere else to spend my hard earned cash. I won't be back.

All NFL teams blackout unless there is a sellout. So do the western CFL teams.

8) Good grief !! A long massive rant like this just because they are blacking out the game tonight !!
You obviously are not really a so called TiCat fan to turn your back on the team over this !!

Give us all a break !!!

Keep on trolling !!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I have a 3 year old and live an hour and a half away. He has no choice he's coming. Mind you he had a choice and said he wanted to go. If it gets blacked out then make that one of the games you go to.

The blackouts are for people 56km or closer to the stadium, so anyone that lives an hour away should be fine.

Unless I am misunderstanding what I have read over the last couple of years.

Depends how fast he drives for that hour. :wink:

Dear Tipper,
I laughed.."not a ticat fan"? I guess not...only since 1967. I guess 41 years of loyalty doesn't qualify as a fan.
"turned my back on the team". The team has turned its back their fans. This is marketing 101...don't alienate your core customers.
Also, re: blackout. It goes farther than 56 k. I found out last year when I called Bell Expressvu to inquire..they can't black out small zones when broadcasting from satellite, so the blacked out all of SW Ontario, if I understand correctly.

Just to clear the air, the blackout will effect homes within a 56 kilometer (35 mile) radius from Ivor Wynne Stadium.

For any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at (905) 547 2287 ext.251


Living in Montreal, blackours really aren't a problem for me, however as an Als Fan in the 70's and 80's I remember how frustrating they were. I sympathise but unless the Cats are able to get 25-30K in the stands without giving away tickets on a regular basis the future of the franchise is in question. I've lived thru the demise of the Expos and the Als, and i think it's fair to say that Caretaker's pockets arent bottomless.

All this being said, if you are uanable to attend for whatever reason, two games out of nine is not bad.

Perhaps a good compromise would be to offer the blackout games on a pay for view basis?

I'm surprised they hadn't thought of that. I know people who would pay for that.

So after 4 years with season tickets, they raised the price beyond my reach. I still managed to get out to one game so far though and have watched the rest with my family. No they're telling me I can't watch them either. I'm sick of this. The caretaker has wasted the excitement his ownership had generated. We're heading right back to where we were. I say good riddance.

Every once in a while, even Als fans have decent ideas :roll:

If the pay-per-view is done like the western Candian NHL teams do it - ppv would only be done if it was not available on a regular television chanel. As a result, I would say that ppv for CFL blackouts would not be feasible.

who are probably right.

Food for thought anyways.

Come to Saskatchewan, eotm...if the game isn't sold out, the entire province is blacked out.

I've been thinking a pay-per-view system would be a great idea for a couple years now. I'd still go to the games live when I could, but living so far from the stadium makes it difficult to get to more than one or two a year.