Is Thursday nights game blacked out on TSN?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…I didn’t even think of that. Blacking out the season opener…Imagine that eh?

worst hypothetical marketting situation EVER

I dunno. With all the new faces, needing time and experience to work the kinks out, the first game could be the worst game of the season. Maybe having less people see it and more people seeing the possibly better games down the road would be a good thing. ya never know.

We know the Cats said they planned to black out 2 games this year, one in July and one in August. Since we only play one home game in August (vs. the Argos) I guess that game is automatically one of the two blackouts.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if that is one of the games blacked out because then no one in southern Ontario would be able to see it. Who needs to show off a game versus our biggest rival? I bet the advertisers would be pleased. Oh! And I bet the league would love blacking out a game in the biggest tv market in the country. Great idea these blackouts?!

Why would they black it out in Toronto?

The blackout radius is 35 miles from the stadium (although it might not be enforced exactly to the mile), so it shouldn’t be blacked out in toronto.

I think the sask and toronto games are the only ones that fit the criteria to black them out. they are in aug and july and are not friday night games. tsn used to have a rule that friday night football was never blacked out and not sure if they still do but if they do, its the only two that fit. It would black out a large chunk of the toronto market.


Doug Mitchell has continually argued that we still get to see 89.5% of the Ticat games.
His percentage, of course is based on home and away games in an 18 game schedule.

If we just consider the 9 regular season games at IWS, with 2 blackouts, the REAL percentage of blacked out games for our home fans becomes 22.2%, which constitutes a significant part of the home season.

For many of us who can't attend, I know, that as in the past, fans will opt for other forms of entertainment if they can't see the entire package.

I continue to maintain that with ticket prices increased, an inferior stadium and our pathetic record, if the team doesn't show well this year, it could be disastrous.

Messrs. Young and Mitchell, in the words of a one of the greatest literary expressionists of our time, Mr.E. Fudd, "Be vewy, vewy careful!"

And if you count the two games in July and August then it's a 100% blackout.

For those who go to games and still want to be able to record them, surely you know someone living outside blackout who can do that for you? Shouldnt be an issue.

For those that dont pay for tickets and have various reasons why you think you are still justified in damanding no blackout, well, thats life. Those same reasons cause us all to miss out on things from time to time. Why not just enjoy what you do get to see, andor try to do something about the "other" reasons keeping you from going to games. Also, as above, if all else fails, and you hear you missed a good game, surely finding a copy of it cant be too hard, specially if you make prior arrangements.

(FootBallYouBet) if all else fails, and you hear you missed a good game, surely finding a copy of it cant be too hard, specially if you make prior arrangements.
Thats fine if your into history. Personally, I'm into current events. :D