Why is the game on TSN blacked out in vancouver??

Imagine my surprise getting home at about 9:00 p.m. ready to watch the game I'd taped on the PVR. Instead I get motorsport. BLECH

The CFL is past the days of blacking out local games for TV coverage. Pretty bush league for a pro sports team to prevent local fans from watching the game.

News to BC Lions: those who don't attend the games live may have reasons for doing so, but may be able to catch a few quarters on the tube. Myself, I live in Mission and have a 1-year old son. Needless to say, making it into downtown Vancouver on a work night to catch a Lions game is nigh impossible. I'd like to be able to catch the damn thing on TV though.

Stop the frakkin' blackouts!

Well they usually lift the blackout if its more than 30,000 but tonight there wasn't, so blackout.

Also i believe that its a football thing not to show your home games on TV, no NFL team does that i know about, maybe a few, but there are lots of blackouts there still.

I don't get it tho, does it really work?

Man, I am pissed! It's black'd out in Abbotsford, and live in Chilliwack.

Now, as a fringe fan, how the hell is this strategy gonna make me attend more games ?

Great plan Lions / TSN Ya, don't show the product, piss me off then ask me to buy tickets!


i believe that its a football thing not to show your home games on TV, no NFL team does that i know about, maybe a few, but there are lots of blackouts there still.

I don't get it tho, does it really work?

Interesting. I don't follow the NFL so wasn't aware it's accepted practice for local games to be blacked out. After following the Lions for the last 15 years, I thought blackouts were a CFL phenomenon, given the league's propensity for living on the financial edge, so to speak.

I never got it myself, and honestly don't think it makes much sense. Don't see the logic in cheesing off your fan base.

Hell, forget about cheesing off existing fans. Blacking out a game locally guarantees you WILL NOT be marketing your product to potential new customers. Completely nonsensical.

You can watch the game on CFL Broadband.

And it's free!!!! Nice and clear too.

I dont go to games, because of how many I get to see. I am the reason for blackouts.

We get to see all the games over in Hamilton. The owner realizes to market a team you need to get exposure. Your owners are bush in blacking out your games.

thank god they didn't lift the blackout on this one, what a joke and the atmasphere was awfull too only 29,000 showed up.

I got to watch the 94 grey cup and an early cashius clay fight. Worked for me :thup:

YOU do realise its the team that blacks out the games on not the league!

We got the black out in Hamilton

But when Went to TSN there was the game..

All Games should be HD..

YOU do realize YOU've added nothing to this discussion?

YOU do realize that while I cited the league in my first generalized sentence, I laid specific blame on the team in the second? In case YOU didn't figure it out, this is an affirmative response to YOUR question.

YOU do realize YOUR sentence should have ended with a question mark, and not an exclamation point?

YOU do realize YOU made no sense in capitalizing the word YOU in YOUR post?


Excellent tip. I'll make a note of that. Although, it pales in comparison to 52 inches of High Def madness! :stuck_out_tongue:


Why don't they have pay-per-view like the Canucks.If people pay money to watch that crap..., I'm sure they'd cough up some coin to watch some real athletes.

YOU do realise that you started the second statement with " The CFL"
YOU do realise that you are only whining!

Do you also reliaze the nfl black out thier games if not sold out a week before.are you going to call them bush league.?

My brother lives new the border in alberta were green bay play about 1 hour away and last year they had 4 out of 8 games blacked out, and thier games are always sold out.

I'm ticked again with the CFL what is up with these blackouts. You want fans then give us something to watch. My son has been watching the games this year, I went to find a radio he just left and went to so something else. Way to go CFL you got your pulse on the nation. [/list]