is the game blacked out on anyone eles t.v?...or is it just my satelite screwing up again

Seems to be, pisses me off to no end that a team I don't root for first is blacked out, I just want to watch a football game.

Oh well, guess I'll root for an out of town team second next year.

Got Express Vu...blacked out as well.

This has come up before… it’s a satellite issue…

Apparently you can watch TSN on other “numbers”? I don’t know more than that as I don’t have a satellite dish.

As far as I know, no ticats games are blacked out.

It's blacked out on all the TSN stations I get. It's usually not blacked out on 402 for Vu, but it's showing wrestling now.

yea i got Bell satelite to, tried phoneing bell but like always they put me on hold for 20 the game blackout out in Cogeco cable?

Oh well, that's farked. Last straw for me, as you won't be seeing my $240+ next year for the Montreal game.

Just too many screw ups and not enough attention to detail from everyone involved.

See you in 2 years if, perhaps, something has improved.

BTW: The site looks pretty bad in 1280 x 1024 as I mentioned about 5 months ago, although not surprisingly, nothing has been done about it.

On bell, if is not supposed to be blacked out and it is, try channel 402. It has worked for me in this situation.

See up about 4 posts.

still hasn't worked...ohwell there's 3 college football games on tonight

What a joke 27000+ and I couldn't make the game today this is total BS :thdn:

cable is ok and bell no go anybody got an answer I don't get it??????

I have boxing on 402 well time to get rid of my dish.

im on source digital cable in hamilton thank god i got rid of bell a month ago

Let me tell you guys digi cable has worked out much better. Especially how the packages are put together, you dont have one music channel in one package and another music channel in another.

I get RDS, LeafsTV, ESPN Canada, raptorstv, extreme, golftv, sportsnets plus others all in the sports pack, not like bell where those are all in different packs and i have to pay extra to get RDS and LeafsTV and a bunch of french channels i dont need.

I'm on Bell and the game is coming in loud and clear.

not in my area

No Mosca. I watched it on Cogeco.

And the future is satellite?????????? LOL. I dont know how many people have told me to get rid of cogeco. Never. So there HD is expensive but at least I don't have to put up with all the bu..s... I keep hearing about.
I have never had a problem.

I've got Expressvu, and the game was on.


I've got Bell and it on here (TSN). I live just south of North Bay, so maybe it was a regional thing.