Blackout This Friday Vs. Edmonton!

im hearing from the grape-vein that this fridays game is going to be blacked out, if this is the case.. thats rediculas, a 1-3 team and ur going to force ppl to goto the game, id love to go but i work til 7 anyways and thats game time... i wouldnt have anytime at all to get ready and even be there for half? bs? i think so.

I have heard that as well and I hate the idea more or less because this friday is one of the games this year that I cant make it to and now I cant even watch it, I hope TSN has it on their website though on Saturday it's just going to be hard not to hear who won before I get to see it.

if you live close enough just drive to Toronto or Niagara Falls and watch the game at a bar.

Here's an idea, for the people who can go....BUY A TICKET!!!!

Maybe you can call them and ask them to start the game when you show up.

Or drive to IWS and watch it there? Just a thought.

Good! all you bandwagon bandits its time to jump back on and BUY A TICKET AND FEED THE CATS or drive to "Toronto and watch it in a bar" THAT IS A CLASSIC POST :lol:

I thought "Friday Night Football" on TSN was never blacked out? Wasn't it part of their broadcast deal?

i don't think it was

It's not part of the TV deal....and i'm sure TSN is reallllll happy about this decision.

screw tsn they are ant-ticat anyway Shultzy and Dunnigan just watch us! :wink:

If it actually puts more seats in the seats, it's fine by me. I know how people feel that have to work who attend regularly not being able to at least tape the game. As to those who never go to even one game but sit home and watch nows your chance.

I have no problem with the black out. Out of 9 home games dealing with 2 black outs is no big deal. Not too mention I'll be there anyways so it not being on TV is no biggie for me.

If you're really a fan and want to watch the team you'll buy a ticket if your able to go. If you can't make the game. It's 1 game the world isn't going to end if you miss one game.

8) What a novel concept Crash !!!
I wonder how many would have even thought of that idea ??????            <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

I can't get over some fans... to drive out of there way to go to a bar to watch the game. Why not get a $20 ticket and watch it live and support the team.

back in 98 and 99 all the games were blacked except for a selected few games each year and the attendance was higher for the games that wern't blacked out than the games that were blacked out. would'nt be surprised if the same thing happens again

8) Exactly, and those same people who won't even bother to buy a ticket to support the Cats, are the same people who do all the bitching and complaining on here about how terrible this team is playing !!!
 Real football experts for sure !!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

The blackout will be lifted if there is a 90% sell-out at IWS, according to Mr. Mitchell. With the Bronze ticket Y108 drive-through promo on Thursday, that should sell out the Bronze sections. Just maybe....

Here's another take on it. If the team had put a decent product on the field these last 3 years, maybe they'd have closer to 100% attendance. They're jamming the fans with a blackout for their own ineptness.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well they waited half an hour to start playing last game so just go after work ..............