Blackout Policy ?

How many this year, which games and by what account????

league mandates a minimum of 1.

Scott Mitchel said yesterday none have been scheduled yet, admitted there will be at least one and the rest will depend on how things go....Mr. Mitchell's words not mine.

TSN HD :thup:

Not one game blacked out if you are at IWS.

So true, though occassionally you might have to cover your eyes!

Does that count?

  • paul

Not the ones at IWS i'm worried about lol, knowing our luck it'll be blacked out when we're on the road to BC or Winnipeg.

No they don't (mandate it), and no he didn't (admit that at least one would be blacked out).
toronto and Montreal haven't blacked out a game in years. And until last year, neither had we.

If a game is blacked out it is only in the area they are played ie you would never get a game played in BC or Winnipeg blacked out in Hamilton.

That's what I thought, they wouldn't force anyone to blackout a game if they didn't have to.

did you read his post.????.............he was means "laughing out loud" and when he says "just our luck the road games will be blacked out" he was kidding.

We don't need an explanation that road games are not blacked out!!

I don't think he was joking actually...

Thankyou, i don't think he was either.