BLACKOUT - Not if you have TSN HD

Didn't even think to look on the TSN HD channel until the 3rd quarter. But the game was not blacked out on the HD. Not sure if future blackout game will be available, but just thought I would let everyone know.

The Tiger Cats will get TSN to work on that, cheetahman.

It's a good thing you informed them of this. :roll:

Maybe they will get it fixed next blackout game. :smiley:


Your username fits your topic very well.

TSN HD is a national broadcast and cannot be blacked out regionally... those that have the station nkow this. Not sure if they will "work it out" Ron. Been like this for years... they tried blacking it ot on TSN HD but people that are paying for the channel outside of Hamilton would lose it as well.

It up to each Cable or sat Company to Make sure the Blackout is Done on HD or non HD.

Not TSN.

My son watched on HD in Burlington and like Crash said, he told me it is never blacked out because it is a national feed. Also some cable companies must have put the game on from the start of the second half, after tennis. Don't know if this was a mistake or intentional. Mtn. Cable apparently was one.

You are correct but the provider is not able to black out just the one feed from TSN HD.

Perhaps its just a Starchoice or BEV issue but if they try to black out the HD channel it blacks it out for the entire country which is not fair to those in a non blackout zone.

TSNHD is a subscription channel, they better not black it out.

No wonder TSN isn't bothered by their TV agreement that allows teams to black out games - it's probably great for selling HD subscriptions.

there has been times when nobody got the hd broadcast and that sucked. Games from bc last year that were scheduled to be in hd were only shown on regular tsn while the hd showed other programing. So I guess if the home team squaks enough they blackout the hd to everyone. stupid.