Blackout Night

So The Cats are going to wear all black uniforms...advantage Winnipeg. Has anyone noticed the extreme heat and humidity here in August. I know that it is a night game, but the sun could well be around until 8:30 or so. Can you imagine playing in all black - they will be out of gas by halftime. This might be the worst decision by a team since George Castanza had the Yankees wear all cotton uniforms. (Or when Mr. Carlson threw turkeys out of the WKRP helicopter as a promotion for the radio station). Go Cats Go, and please rethink the uniform choice.

I swear I thought turkeys could fly. O wait, they do everytime the Cats head out west

Theres Turkeys everywhere! Oh the Humanity!

Les Nesman

if they play another lousy game i'm the one who will be suffering from a blackout.

hey argo convert! since everyone is suppose to wear black fri night will you being your black maas jersey instead of your white one?

Mitchell called for black, I may come in blue and gold just in spite of him. Seriously I'm not sure what I'm wearing but it will likely be white. Its too damned hot for black

We should all wear black as a sign of mourning until we win a game.

There's an idea, a black veil. Even better than a paper bag

I just bought a Yellow Tay Cody jersey so there's no way I'm wearing black, well maybe under the jersey. If you wear blue and gold I will kill you! lol

You fight the man, AC. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I'm not eating 20 odd hardboiled eggs like Cool Hand Luck


FYI...It's Cool Hand LUKE

damn my bad

Hey wait, haven't the moderators of this forum banned you yet?

nor you, since niether of is going away may I suggest you take your own advice and ignore me. I would appreciate the quiet

Another embarrassingly dumb gimmick by management. Pink, incidently, would be much more appropriate...

It's going to be hard to ignore every single thread on this site, since there isn't any that doesn't include your asinine opinions and moronic comments and theories ad nauseam...

Ignoring meaning not responding

silly me taking the word 'ignor' and it's dictionay meaning literally, instead of automatically assuming it means whatever the hell you think it means...

Next time I reading one of your posts, I'll be sure to keep in mind that it was written by a complete idiot...maybe then I'll be able to decipher your intended meaning from it...