Blackout In Effect This Game !!!!

8) According to the Spec this morning, there will be a local blackout in effect for this game !!
 Apparently there are plenty of good seats still available at this point.

 Anyone care to guess what attendance might be ??  

I figure 22 to 24,000, if we are lucky !!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I think you are Fairly Close
My Guess 21 to 24

I'll say 22,076.

No Lumsden, No Printers... No Chance.... No Crowd.

Announced will be 21k, but theres no way thats the amount of people there.

The Ticats are using the blackout, combined with the popularity of the rivalry with Toronto, to blackmail fans into buying tickets, knowing full well those fans won't buy tickets to any games after that because we'll be eliminated from the playoffs.

Classy, Scott Mitchell!

I have a six month old baby at home, and am unable to attend games. I was looking forward to seeing this game on TV, but instead you have robbed me of that. It won't be forgotten when my family has money to spend on entertainment in the future.

It was mentioned even before the season started that the Cats were likely going to black out two games. One in July and one in August. No surprises here.

Maybe Scott Mitchell can come over and baby sit.

Waa Waa Waa!

There's that sense of entitlement yet again.

How dare Scott Mitchell run the business aspect of this team as the others do across the league!

Despite what was announced in The Spectator this morning, the game on Thursday vs. Toronto is not going to be blacked out.

Please feel free to call 905-547-2287 if you have any questions.

Way to go Spectator!

Classy, Scott Mitchell!
Just can't believe everything you read in the paper.

Geez...what a bungle. Now the Cats are gonna have people ripping on them even more. Sure the perceived ill-will won't help sell seats either.

I was hoping for a I'll have to watch the destruction unfold.

It's funny, I don't think you ever hear about blackouts in the NFL and if it happens, then the team is not promoting itself and the league. But this seems to how it is perceived here in Canada and the CFL. Can someone explain to me why? Is it just because the NFL is already perceived anyways not needed to be exposed for the growth of the league and that, all teams make money from the TV deals anyways so it's a case of "who cares" if a game is blacked out?

The NFL constantly blacks games out. The reason you don't notice it is because you aren't in the local viewing areas.

Thanks scotty. Do you think the teams get ragged on for blacking out games in the NFL when the teams are allowed to?

And games are constantly sold out.
I have heard them panicking on Detroit radio shows about slow ticket sales...and them hoping tickets get snapped up quick enough that the game won't be blacked out. Usually, they're just pandering for some company to step up and buy 3 or 4 thousand.

To me, that pretty much defeats the entire purpose anyway.

It's a moot point because Ken Peters apparently writes his column after touring the Carling zone at Ivor Wynne. But at this point, Scott Mitchell should do whatever it takes to make us fans happy, for supporting this rag-tag mess he calls a team. A blackout is just a stupid idea. It didn't increase attendance after the first try, so why do it again after we will have (probably) lost five or six in a row?

2 years ago Buffalo blacked out Ssan Diego, Tennessee, and Miami.

The purpose of the black out is to generate revenue. The team doesn't "owe" it to anyone to make sure their product is available for free on TV. That's a benefit. If the team hasn't sold enough tickets to lift a scheduled blackout then tough for those who aren't buying tickets.

The problem here is people don't want to pay for an inferior product, but at the same time, the team needs the revenue to help with football ops.

I don't blame or chastise anyone for not paying for tickets. But if you aren't buying tickets I don't feel sorry that you are going to have to miss 2 games all year.

A blackout is stupid in your opinion. IMO I think blackouts are fine. If you want to see the game buy a ticket. If not put on the radio.

I think the NFL had 3-4 black-outs last year.
2 in Buffalo.

If you subscribe to TSN HD there is no black-outs for the Cats.

I was pissed about the Blackout vs Edmonton, so what did I do? I bought a ticket and what did I see? I saw the Cats play with all the skill of a pee wee team. I think I will stay home for the next blackout, what a waste of money!