Blackout Backfire

As the Chicago Blackhawks will no doubt inform you ,a blackout is not an effective way to bring fans to the game.
I am new to the Lions , but I want to see more of them. I tried a game, the season opener.After spending 40$ on a ticket, near the top, I got a tiny seat and couldnt see very well. As I am not familiar with the players, I really didnt enjoy myself very much, and left feeling cheated. Maybe those players should try the seats , theyre not made for a 260lb construction worker ,I can tell you that. But I realize theres not much you can do about that so I told myself "Ill just get some beer and watch the next game on TSN.
It never entered my head that anyone was stiil shortsighted enough to employ the blackout as an attempt to generate revenue. I was really pissed off when I discovered that you jerks werent going to allow me to familiarize myself with your product. Well you already got me for the tix I bought (and concessions)but I can tell you ,as a result of your precious "blackout" you will never see another dime of my money! You have successfully alienated a new fan, nice work! I wont be back.

When I read your comments Cameron, I was disappointed, and trying to keep in mind that you seemed to already be on a negative roll by the time you got to what you assumed was a "blackout".

Just to be clear, I don't think the BC/Toronto game was scheduled to be televised at all, so the blackout was not an issue.

Your apparent misunderstanding was not the source of my disappointment however, I think it was that you seem to have painted a lot of good people who work for the Lions unfairly with your upset. Yes, BC Place does not have the biggest seats in the world, and it can be difficult to know who is who the first time you come to a game, and I believe you could have learned a lot either with a program or by asking someone sitting in your area. With a $40 ticket you were probably close to several knowledgeable fans who have been going to games for years. In my experience there is no one more willing to share their information than a long-time fan of any team!

And, my intention is not to problem solve for you, rather it is to say to the many thoughtful, caring and hardworking people who work for the Lions that I am very appreciative of your efforts to make each game such a memorable fun-loving experience. I have personally benefited from the good heart and good will displayed by many of you. As Cameron will likely tell you, you can't please everyone, and I believe your efforts have resulted in thousands more very pleased people coming to games. Thank you. a program to figure out who's who..........and ernie has a lot of good points, not sure what you were expecting in the first place so it's kinda tough to comment on whether your beefs are legit..........

.............blackouts are a function of the league and yes cam, if they weren't there the owners would see less bums in their seats , nice bums, not the hobo kind.......and you kinda proved that a blackout does work........

..........but the blackouts are not always in effect, some games it will be lifted by the league and the local team.............

........but you sound P.O'd anyway and grumpy, and the CFL stands for the Constant Fun League, so maybe it's best if the two of you go separate ways...........

S40.00 Tickets? You got Prime seats. I buy th $24.00 ones and have great seats at th 10 yard line. Atmosphere was good. I agree with Earnies points as well. Programs are easy to find too! BC Toronto game was NOT telivised. R& W correctly points out that the Black out works.

Sorry you were dissappointed. I come down from the interior and make about 50% of the games. I’ve always enjoyed the action, (Even in our lean years) Too bad you felt otherwise.

:x BAD....thats a BAD Red and White... :x

/me smacks R&W on the head with a stick

The CFL needs MORE fans.... not less... and we as long time fans need to help newcomers feel comfortable and wanted as a fan...

Cameron... unfortunatly in this market... a televised home game does keep some people at home... i wish it weren't true... but it is.

I'm 6 foot 6 and most of that is legs... so i know how it is with the seats theres not much room... it was poor design... and although there are no wider seats... there are some seats where there is at least some room in front of you... but you have to find those seats and buy early and have a little luck if you want a chance to get them... section 38 row MM seats 101 - 103 are good for leg room... i got seat 103 for last nights game... and was so there are other sections with seats like that... but it can be a pain to try to get them... so your best and easiest bet is to ask for an isle seat.

As others have pointed out... the game last night was not televised anywhere... TSN really dropped the ball on that one... how they could not televise a Grey Cup rematch is beyond me... however... if it had been televised the blackout would have probably been lifted as it was a virtual sell out... and i hope after learning that it was not a blackout that kept you from seeing the game that you will reconsider spending money to see the Lions... it is a very exciting game... and the Lions are an exciting team... and if you don't think they are worth $40 then there is always Sportcheck stores where you can get $17.50 tickets... or 7-11 stores where they are $19... either one is cheaper than at the door or thorugh ticketmaster.

And as for not being able to follow very well because of not knowing who is who... please.. feel free to ask the fans around you... as long as you're cheering for the Lions... the fans there are almost always willing to help people out with info on players or the game... or anything for that matter... and if you'd be willing to try the Lions once more i'd be happy to try to arrange with you to get seats next to each other and i'd be happy to give you all the info i have on the team.

Anyways... i hope the bad taste left behind can be washed away with help from fellow fans and a better experience as we welcome all people to the games and want to see people enjoy themselves and come back game after game.... i hope you can reconsider and give it another try... we'd love to see you out there once again.

........hey chronic, I'm all for more fans, but cam here gave it ONE SHOT and was so pissed off about the whole thing he didn't say tell his wife or his buds at work, he took the time to get on here and write about it, that's mighty pissed off in my book, if you can change his mood, well, you go gurl........

Hmmm my advice to Cam is to pick up Dr.Phils Ultimate weight loss solution, then you can " get real " and " own " all your problems.

i know he only gave it one shot… but i’m hoping that if he gives it another chance… and with a little help from other fans that he will have a better experience and become a regular under the dome… the CFL is the best game on earth… and i’d hate for someone to walk away from the league without giving it a fair chance.

And GoEsksGo…grow up… and have a little class… don’t be a prick… if you want to be a prick… go do it in your esks forum… we don’t need that crap here.

Chronicguy, you are a class act. I appreciate your willingness to reach out to Cameron and offer to sit with him and explain the game. Unfortunately Cameron may be long gone, given he has not chosen to reply.... And after talking about the spirit of your kind offer we decided to invite friends who have never been to a CFL game to join us for the next one.

And what I am enjoying most is the passion expressed by everyone in this discussion--whether I happen to agree with you or not--and that is what makes the CFL endure. Cheers to all of you who care about and support the Lions and the league, lets make room for more --people and opinions!

yes... unfortunatly he might be long gone.... it's a shame... but... who knows... it's only been a little over 24 hours since he posted that.... he might still come back and read it.

And good on you for inviting friends that have not experienced a game before out to the next game with you :smiley: we need more people like you to help introduce people to what i consider the best game on earth... i hope you and your friends have a great time and enjoy every minute of the game

Hey with Friday nights attendance, we may need him when the upper deck opens up!

Absolutely everyone, lets get some more fans out to the dome, I brought three newcomers last week, and they had a blast, and these are people who are totally green when it comes to CFL football, as for the upper deck, let's just keep our fingers crossed

i cry foul, why would someone spend the time to find out there is this website and decide to whine about something he saw once by himself apparently. i say this is someone here more regularly who wanted to start a thread without putting their own moniker on it. I suspect that it was a made up scenario. and what they didn't bother to check to see if the game was televised prior to planting their butt in the rocker and cracking open the beer. if this was a true situation then i think it is a pathetic one.

well.... i have no reason to not take it at face value... therefore i offered assistance... and the offer still stands if the story is true and he decides to come back and chack the thread...

the info you offered is useful regardless. and i am sure others are happy to hear it.

I live on Vancouver Island. Any BC blackout hits me as well. Yet to go to a game will take a full day almost, plus I would not make the last ferry back so I'd have to overnight it in Vancouver. Plus if I went it would cost me over $100 just for the ferry fare. Then the tickets, then the meals, etc.
IMHO blackout areas should be reviewed and should not include areas that are economically prohibitive to attending games regularly. Why black out Vancouver Island? :evil:

good call.... i agree 100%

Why would anyone in their right minds want to watch the Black Hawks? You should be watching the Ticats. No games blacked out this year.

Where are you on Vancouver Island. I have a friend in Nanaimo that sees all of the home games (Except Toronto was not televised.)

I live in Duncan.