Black wrap on Porter's throwing hand

During last week's game I noticed Porter was wearing some kind of black bandage or brace on his throwing hand, wrapped around his palm and thumb. Probably why he kept dropping the water bottle in that one clip TSN showed. Wore it again during the Winnipeg game.

Has he always worn that, and I've just never noticed before? Or is this something new?
Minor injury? Extra protection?
I can't imagine this doing anything but hurting his throwing ability. Unless the exposed part is a bit tacky to help with grip.

Any of you people who go to the practices know what's up with that?

Let's ask Ron Trentini... LMAO

I'm not a doctor and I don't think speculating is productive. Whatever allows him to compete with a high completion percentage is fine by me.

Oski Wee Wee,

He has already been pegged as the starter for Thurs. so he isn't hurt. You can't pass much with an injured passing hand. I'm sure its just extra protection. It's a good place to have a bit of padding also as we have all seen QB's smack the back of their hand off a pass rushers helmet as they throw a pass. Happened to Printers while in Hamilton.

Well it's obviously nothing major enough to keep him from playing.
But when he was pulled I was wondering if it was because it was starting to have some effect. For a guy who's usually pretty accurate with his passes, some of his mis-fires were pretty erratic (a couple of one-hoppers to Stala, the high passes to Currie & Davis).

I just watched a bit of the home opener on, and he was wearing it then too.
But in a clip from training camp he wasn't.
So maybe it is just added gameday protection in case he bangs his thumb on a helmet.

I wore one of these wraps while pitching in college for a couple weeks. Basically, it keeps the tendon that is between the thumb and index finger tight, allowing PORTER to grip the ball better with one hand. He is more likely to hold onto the ball when a pass rusher tries stripping him from behind. The extra tension also allows for more zip on his throws. Might be the reason why he throws such a nich ball.

When I used this wrap, my curveball and slider moved about 2-3 more inches. My fastball suffered by a couple mph. I got rid of it but totally understand why Porter wears it. Im surprised more dont, although, its more of an acquired taste.

Great insight. Thank you!

If you watch some of the Ticats TV feature on him from the pre-season, you'll notice he mentions it allows him to grip the ball better. So it isn't an injury thing, well at least I don't believe so.

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thanks for that answer!

The mini-golf one?
I just re-watched it and he mentions using some kind of grip device, but I don't think he's talking about that wrap. Sounds more like this device you squeeze to exercise your hand:

Hmmm... is that why Porter's long passes float and flutter?

I wonder.

A caller (not me) asked about the wrap on CHML's Ticats show tonight.
Danny Mac said it actually was for support for a thumb joint injury.