Black vs White Jerseys in the Grey Cup!!!

Okay Cat Nation!!!!! I think I have this Grey Cup thing figured out.........It's the jerseys!!!!! The last 3 times the Cats have won the Cup we wore our Black home jerseys(72,86,99) The last 4 times we lost the Cup was in our visiting White jerseys
(85,89,98,13) So it's very simple really when the Cats return to the Cup in 2014 in Vancouver,make sure that the team packs their Black jerseys and leaves the Whites at home and the Grey Cup will be ours in a lead pipe cinch next year.
Just like the slogan says "ITS THE NEW BLACK" The Cats will be back in BLACK !!!!! Grey Cup Champions 2014 :smiley: :rockin:

Why even have the White jerseys??? that is a throwback to black and white TV where one time always had to wear the white jerseys. These days with colour and HD it's just not needed. The Ticats could have worn their black jerseys and Sask in their Green.

Or is it the yellow pants?

Just checked out the yellow (gold)pants theory there Captain.....and the results are in....and here they are.........
1972.....yellow pants/black jersey.....won Cup over Sask. 13-10
1985.....yellow pants/white jersey.....lost Cup to B.C. 37-24
1986.....yellow pants/black jersey.....won Cup over Edm. 39-15
1989.....yellow pants/white jersey.....lost Cup to Sask. 43-40
1998.....yellow pants/white jersey.....lost Cup to Calg. 26-24
1999.....yellow pants/black jersey....won Cup over Calg 35-21 pants/white jerseys.....lost Cup to Sask 45-23

As you can see,it's certainly not the pants :lol: It's 100% the black jerseys!!!!! They have mystical powers that when worn will us to a certain Grey Cup victory when worn :thup: So the mojo is simple for 2014,Grey Cup appearance once again,
The Cats wear the BLACK in Vancouver and emerge Grey Cup Champions!!!!! (last 2 Grey Cup appearances in Vancouver,won 2 jerseys worn!!!!!) Enough said!!!!!! :cowboy: :rockin: BLACK MAGIC IN 2014!!!!!!!!!!

Kent Austin's staff should have researched this and added it to their game plan. 8)

well at least in 1980 we lost the cup with our darks

LOL!!!! That one doesn't count!!!! We got trounced 48-10 by the Esks who were in the midst of their 5 cup dynasty run.
The Cats could have worn pink,purple and green jerseys that day,in reality they had zero chance of winning that years Grey Cup.The Cats actually won the East that year with an 8-7-1 record which would've put them tied for 4th place in the West division,the Esks had an 13-3 record for the season.The Cats also wore their blacks in "84" and in reality also had no business being in the Cup with a 6 win season versus the Bombers who were 11-4-1 on the season,ironically much like 1980 their 6-9-1 record would have had them tied for 4th in the Western division.Ironically that 84 Cup saw the Cats leading early by a 17-3 score only to be outscored 44-0 the rest of the game,eventually losing by a 47-17 score.Therefore I didn't include those games in my original post. :slight_smile: :cry: :oops:

What if Austin's stubble was sprinkled on the black jerseys?

What would be the "Magical Power Quotient" of those two elements?