Black VS Gold

B & G "scrimmage" Under Taaffe was Lackadaisical, under motivated and boring!!! Will Marcel Bellefeuille add some intensity and urgency in this Fan day Scrimmage. / IMHO make it like the other preseason games No red shirts, all out contact!! NO LAZEY Hazey walk thru,s like Charley Ran PLEASE!!!

If it is structured like Charlie had it forget about it.
Meeting the guys after the practice was all there was.

The first BandG under Taffe he kept the fans waiting for about 45 minutes under the blazing hot sun that day.
Then did some practice drills.
I had my then 4 year old so I remember distinctly.
Maybe that was an early sign that Charlie was not so organized.
That particular BandG was brutal, with last year no better.

If that is what they want to do, then fine make that common knowledge up front and those who are interested can still go.

I remember the days where guys wanted to know if they were matched up against Bobby Dawson or some other big hitter because they used to really bring it!

I miss the old way they use to do it
Make it a real game Black vs Gold
Black offence vs Gold Defence
Gold offence vs Black Defence.
Make it a Scrimmage

I remember as a little kid going to IWS to watch this game then going down on the field to meet the players. I have a few pics of this somewhere. I believe the game used to be played on a Sunday afternoon with free admission.

I completely agree. It was much for fun when it was an actual scrimmage. A little healthy competition and trash talk. I loved it.

dear maasdestruction, if your idea to make the b&g game more intense is to take the red shirts off the qb's and make them fair game, you're dreaming. ya lets go ahead and allow guys on our own team to put themselves in a position to possibly end the season of a guy who is going to be in large part responsible for the fortunes of their own team and force mgmt,to then in turn pay the let's say$250,000 or whatever
the qb's salary is at that point. it's never going to happen-next subject.


LMAO - NO redshirts, GET it im a zit-