Black using new rules?

Seems that Black is trying to do what the NHL has done by introducing new rules (although not as noticeable) to speed up the game and attract more fans.

However, some of the new rules have failed, like:

  1. New No Yards call: changed back after week 2
  2. New plane rule: effecting kick returns by decreasing them.

Now the 2nd rule is a bit up in the air, because it could be the rule itself that is responsible for the decline, or the rise in the talent pool. One notable mention is AJ3, the Winnipeg returner, who I believe isn't cutting it because he hasn't played Football in a while.

Questions is, was that all the new rules that were introduced? are the new rules working? and should some stay or go?


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Still havent got an aweser to that question yet.

I feel so… ronely…

First downs have no effect the clock stopping.
After the 3-minute warning it starts when the ref blows the whistle, yes, for "ready for play". Which is once the ball is set and all the officials (including the chains, if they had to move) are ready.

(or at the snap if the previous play was out of bounds, incomplete pass, or a penalty.)

Black doesn't decide the rule......The owners do!

Right. The officials take their direction from the Rules commitee made up from a rep from EACH TEAM.

just to clarify the timing rules…

the clock starts at the snap of the ball in the last 3 minutes when:

  1. an Incomplete Pass
  2. Player steps out of bounds
  3. Penalty
  4. Time out
  5. Change of Possession
  6. Injury

during the rest of the game

the clock stops when:

a first down
Out of bounds
after a score
a change of possession
time out
Penalty application

re: #6. Injury... no, an injury has no effect on when the clock starts. Once the injured player is off the field, the clock will start either at the snap or the ready-for-play signal, based on the result of the last play.

And it doesn't stop for a first down unless one of the other clock-stopping plays happen.

See timing rules here:

so basically most of the time, the refs say when the clock runs after the warnings. eh?

Guys, I started this thread because we have notice that their have been more new rules than was reported, and I (as well as some of you) want to know what they are, so if you see some thing different than unusual (most of you have been watching the game for 30 years, you know more than I do), report it please.

I think the CFL is changing a few things to change up the game like the NHL has done, but IMO they haven't changed the things that need changing, and have changed things that didn't need it, and (sry lots of "and"s) not made any noticeable differences (good or bad).