Black Uniforms

I think the Riders should wear their all black uniforms for the semi-final instead of their Retro's. They have worn their retros 3 times this year(laborday, against B.C., and against Hamilton), and yes their nice, but i'd like to see the black ones for once

I thought the retro one replaced the black jerseys. I could be wrong

Black retro's remind me too much of the past regime, the Green retro's is a nice blend of the glory years with some stylish modifications to represent the present

they'll go Retro.

I have on good authority that the Black Uni's have been put away for the foreseeable future.

I really like the Retro jerseys, I think they'll likely go with them for this game as they did for the playoff game last year.

Yes, i e-mailed them and they did. But Maybe next year

Yes, if I understand the league rules correctly, a team can only have ONE third jersey. The blacks were replaced last year. Personally, we are the GREEN AND WHITE, not the BLACK and GREEN.


Yes, i agree. we are green and white, but i still like to see the black every once and a while.

i hope the black uniforms are dead and buried. they do not belong in the roughrider tradition and history.

It's unfortunate that they did away with the black uniforms since they had a winning record while wearing them. Especially the black pants. I believe they lost one game while wearing the black pants during the '06 season.

Just an observation.