Black Uniforms

I think they should bring back the black uniforms for the labor day classic, or atleast some game this season. because they are really cool!

I'd rather they stay with the Green and White theme they are bringing back. I love the retros... hopefully they go with those.

Retros > Black unis.

Retros are better! Remember, we are the "Green and White"! Way to go...6-0!!

Retro all the way - I did not care much for the Shiny green pants at Calgary

I would like us to switch to the retro's as our full time uniforms, that way we don't have the cookie cutter uni's the rest of the league has. Then use the black ones for the odd ocassion.

ALthough i own a black matt dominguez jersey....might not see either of those things on taylor field again....

I'd way rather have the uniforms we have now, than the retro ones.

When was the last time they used the black jerseys?

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